Brazilian startups received more than $622 million in 7 months, says study

Brazilian startups received more than US$ 379 million (BRL 3.2 trillion) of large companies, through 22 contributions, between January and July this year. The survey is from the independent startup community Distrito. The amount invested, according to the survey, is already more than triple the contributions of 2000 — in this case, US$ 212 millions in 27 negotiations.

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    The study provides a historical analysis by mapping transactions of this type carried out in the last 22 years in the country. Since the years 2000, Brazil has accumulated 212 rounds of investments by companies in startups, of which 162 had the values ​​revealed. In the latter case, the total was US$ 1.3 billion (R$ 6.8 billion).

    According to the survey, about 70% of investments mapped by the District occurred in the early stages of startups — that is, seed and pre-seed. Historically, this demonstrates that Brazilian capital for these companies is mainly targeted at start-up companies.

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    The big companies that invested the most in startups in the recent years have come from the financial, retail and technology sectors. Each of these areas was responsible for 15, and 14 contributions, respectively. On the other hand, fintechs led the number of contributions in the period: 22, the equivalent of US$ 300 million (BRL 1.3 billion). Then came the real estate and construction markets: more than US$ 300 million (R$ 2 billion) in four transactions. The reason for this last data was the high investments in QuintoAndar in May, in the order of US$ 300 million (BRL 1.5 billion).

    The retailtechs, retail startups, were also highlighted: received 20 contributions that totaled US$ 206 million (R$1 billion). The martechs, in the marketing and advertising area, raised US$ 27 million (BRL 100 million).

    “With the pandemic and the recession of the global economy, it was to be expected a resurgence of the CVC . In an adverse situation, the most natural thing would be for corporations to focus on their core business, in an attempt to protect themselves from a possible impact. However, contrary to expectations, the CVC showed its resilience as well as that of the venture capital ecosystem more traditional. Large companies have increasingly understood the approach to startups as a strategic and fundamental resource for their digital transformation”, completes Bruno Pina, head of innovation in the District.

    Source : District

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