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How many childhoods were not marked by the PlayStation 2? Sony’s console launched in 1990 arrived in Brazil two years later, conquering a legion of fans. In addition to being the best seller in history, it was responsible for some of the most memorable facts that players have experienced across the various genres available.

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Over the years and walk of the generations , reliving those moments became increasingly difficult. We decided, then, to honor the console that marked the lives of so many people by preparing a list of some classics that players can enjoy directly from their cell phones. Have fun and happy memories, players!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Price: BRL 19,290 for Android and USD 6,99 for iOS (about R$ 39,90)
  • Size: about 2.6GB for Android and 2.1GB for iOS (version 2.0 for Android and 2.2 for iOS)
  • Starting with one of, if not longer, titles in the franchise. GTA is a reference and one of the industry benchmarks for its freedom of exploration and, as much as other productions have greater artistic value, San Andreas is still remembered by gamers as one of the greatest of the PS2 era.

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    Through a return for tragic reasons, the murder of his mother, Carl and the player find themselves in a plot that involves corruption and the inescapable past, taking them on a complex journey through a city that loses the battle against violence and gangs. It is necessary to overcome the obstacles of Los Santos and try to control the streets.

    The mobile version brings remastered graphics, improvements in lighting effects and compatibility with separate controls, as well as customization of controls for you decide the best way to relive the classic and reencounter charismatic characters. A bonus to reliving the adventure is the voice acting. Excellent for the period.

    Relive the PS2 classic with redesigned gameplay for mobile devices (Image: Rodrigo Folter/ScreenCapture)

    Crazy Taxi

  • Compatibility:

    Android, iOS

  • Price: free (optional in-house purchases)
  • Size: about 160 MB for Android and 160 MB for iOS (version 4.5 for Android and 3.0 for iOS)
  • How to transform such a popular and linked symbol into something as stationary as traffic into something fun? Sega answered that question by launching Crazy Taxi, which put the player in the role of taking people from one point to another in the most insane way possible, often defying gravity and breaking various traffic laws.

    The game’s progression system works simply and effectively. A stopwatch that can’t go to zero, two pedals, and several people needing to get to a place. The start is easy, people need to go close, but as the “races” are completed, passengers need to go further and demand a more intense trip.

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    At a time when SEGA was experiencing problems and gradually abandoned the dispute of consoles, expanded its production of games that made it a reference, with the apex, perhaps, being Alien: Isolation. Answering the question: sometimes you just need to distort reality to deliver something and make the work lasting.

    Deliver passengers on time with this PS2 classic (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

    Bully: Anniversary Edition

    Compatibility: Android, iOS

  • Price: BRL 36,160 for Android and R$ 39,160 for Android
  • Size: about 3GB for Android and 2GB for iOS (version 1.0 for Android and 1.1 for iOS)
  • Abandoning the “simplicity” of your home games over the years 1990, Rockstar was heading towards an experience combining the characteristics unique of the games with important exhibition scenes of the cinema. Released in 2006, at the end of the generation, Bully became another big industry milestone , solidifying the producer as one of the biggest of the period.

    Bullworth becomes the player’s home and presents, like San Andreas, another social problem: young people seen as a burden, abandoned in institutions that repress them. The game encapsulates the problematic in the institution’s walls and chooses to tell the story with sharp dialogues and acid humor, fitting perfectly into the dynamic of not being caught messing around during missions.

    The game received several reviews society, even being banned in several countries, due to its violence and homo-affective content. The specialized critics praised the narrative, soundtrack and characters, and the game took root in the industry, being remembered to this day and having portability to different platforms.

    Social commentary through acid humor is what the player finds in this Rockstar title (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

    Need for Speed: Most Wanted

    • Compatibility: Android , iOS
    • Price: R$ 19, 70 for both platforms
    • Size: about 1024 MB for Android and 2.1 GB for iOS (version 1.3 for Android and 1.1 for iOS)

    L launched in 2006 by EA, the title followed tradition and added other layers, the main one was the police chases. Now it was not only necessary to dodge traffic and defeat enemies, but to prevent the police from being able to stop you from achieving victory. The focus on this action differentiated the title and made the pulse go up even more.

    Arriving in Rockport City, the player realizes that making his name in the city will not be one of the easiest tasks in life . The game has two great villains, Sergeant Cross, responsible for decreasing with street races in the city, and Razor, pilot with higher status in the universe of the work and who you should face at the end.

    The mobile device version may have the custom controls, but the best way to enjoy the experience is to use your cell phone as a spinner. The gameplay fits so well that it looks like the title was made for the small screens.

    Most Wanted gives the series even more action with mind-blowing police breakouts (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

    Max Payne Mobile

  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Price: BRL 7,90 for Android and US 2,99 (about R$ ,19
  • Size: about 1.5GB for Android and 1.8GB for iOS (version 1.7 for Android and 2.0 for iOS)
  • Max Payne, released on 2005 is an important title for the video game industry, bringing the noir style to the media and its influence is undeniable in titles like Heavy Rain and LA Noire. A milestone for the PS2 era with its narrative and artistic style.

    The story revolves around a fugitive policeman after being charged with murder and pursued by the institution he was a part of, as well as by the mafia The story is designed so that the player feels that they are constantly on edge, putting a lot of tension in the gameplay as they discover more about the plot over the nights the story takes place.

    A Remedy Entertainment, responsible for the work, delivered a milestone in the history of the industry and its gameplay fits very well with mobile devices. In addition, the game received an HD appearance and its controls are highly customizable, transforming the experience into something special for everyone’s personal taste.

    504372 Max Payne introduced the noir style to electronic games and his influence is felt to this day (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screen Capture)

    Which classic PS2 game is your favorite? Tell us comments!

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