The 10 most watched movies of the week (08/21/2021)

Agosto is already on its way to its final stretch and we are already able to get a good idea of ​​what the highlights were coming from the cinema. In our list of most-watched movies of the week, Mortal Kombat and A Silent Place are once again featured prominently, as does Suicide Squad, who hitchhike on the recent premiere of their sequel on the big screen. At the same time, productions like Those Who Wish Me Death and Evangelion 3.0+1.01 are showing up for the first time here.

This chair dance makes us see very clearly which were the films that really fell in the public’s liking and which appear already as the most awaited premieres. The case of the anime, for example, was barely made available in the Amazon Prime Video catalog and is already here in a prominent position — an achievement that is really for few.

Anyway, the important thing is to have something to watch, isn’t it? So, if you’re looking for a new movie to see this weekend, perhaps the most popular productions in the country will help you discover something new or motivate you to revisit a familiar story.

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It is worth noting that there is still no official tool to measure movie audiences in streaming and video-on-demand services and that the best way to do this measurement is from JustWatch, a platform that helps users find what they need. watch and also what streaming content is available.

So, based on these data, we arrived at an approximate ranking of which were the most watched movies in Brazil this week.

10. Beautiful Revenge

This is one of those necessary movies for the present time, but one that is very well packaged in an immersive thriller story. The film tells the story of a young woman who pretends to be drunk in bars to see if some malicious man will try to take advantage of her state to do something. And from that, she begins her revenge.

The premise itself is quite interesting, but it plays the protagonist Cassie (Carey Mulligan) very well, building this vengeful behavior with traumas from the past. So you get stuck in the story wanting to know the resolution of that story. As if that wasn’t enough, he also collected several awards around the world, including the BAFTA for best original screenplay.

Bela Venganza is available for rental on Google Play and Apple TV.

9. Evangelion 3.0+1.01: Hope

The fourth and final film in the series that recounts and updates the Evangelion anime, Hope has a somewhat confusing name and a plot that is also not the most understandable in the world, but which impresses with the way it discusses depression, mixing it up. to a bizarre world of giant robots and space entities.

It’s a very interesting plot, but quite complex. If interested, it is advisable to follow all the films to understand the entire narrative journey. It’s really worth it.

Evangelion 3.0+1.01: Hope is available on Prime Video.

8. Beckett

Starring John David Washington — son of Denzel Washington and star of Undercover in the Klan — Beckett tells the story of an American tourist who is on vacation in Greece and ends up becoming something of a manhunt after witnessing an accident. And then the film enters that hallucinating atmosphere of showing the character running for his life as he crosses the country until reaching the American embassy, ​​the only place where he considers himself safe.

This is one of those features for those who are looking for a good dose of action to the point of breathlessness, with chases from start to finish.

Beckett is available on Netflix.

7. Fast and Furious 9

The ninth chapter of the iconic franchise, in which cars do everything from stealing a DVD player to fighting in space, shows that there is still plenty of gas to burn in theaters. The story of Toretto and his family was one of those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but this did not discourage fans, who continued to be excited with the arrival of the feature on video-on-demand services.

And the plot here revolves precisely around the past of Vin Diesel’s character, who will come back to haunt him — which brings up even a brother from Toretto that nobody knew existed.

Fast and Furious 9 is available for rental on Now, Google Play, and Apple TV.

6. Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat re-emerges prominently on our list of most-watched movies after its arrival in the HBO Max catalogue. especially for a movie with so many fatalities). When it came to online platforms, however, Mortal Kombat proved to be one of the most anticipated and memorable titles of the year.

The script written by newcomer Greg Russo with Dave Callaham (Wonder Woman 1984, Shang-Chi) is not the best, but Simon McQuoid’s direction helps to excite us, if only with the gore of the action. The cast has some names that attract attention, but they are the characters that attract the most fans, with highlights, of course, for Scorpion (Hiroyuki Sanada) and Sub-Zero (Joe Taslim).

Mortal Kombat is available on HBO Max.

5. A Quiet Place

The debut of its sequence in theaters and the anticipation of its arrival on streaming made the Brazilian watch the first Um Lugar Silencioso and remember how incredible this film is. And by the time it’s been appearing on our weekly list, word of mouth is making a lot of people aware of this modern classic as well.

All this thanks to a simple but absurdly immersive story: a family tries to survive in a world where monsters pick up every sound. So they have to survive in absolute silence – something very difficult to do, especially when there is an infant in the middle.

A Silent Place is in the catalogs of Paramount+, NOW and Oi Play, and can also be rented on Clarovideo. The title is still being sold and rented on the Play Store, Microsoft Store and iTunes.

4. Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise is yet another adaptation of Disney parks attractions, with the studio trying to replicate the success of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, which was also born out of a themed toy. The adventure also features Dwayne Johnson (Skyscraper: Boundless Courage) and Emily Blunt (A Quiet Place) to draw fans to the new adventure.

Note that it remains exclusive to Disney+ Premier Access.

3. Infinite

You know those crazy science-fictions full of twists and concepts that border on the absurd? Infinite is packed with it all and that’s why it ranks third on our list. The curious thing is that he mixes a lot of ideas that we’ve seen in movies of the genre, ranging from Looper and Jumper to Avenger of the Future.

The plot revolves around Evan McCauley (Mark Wahlberg), who begins to develop skills he never learned and to have memories of things he never lived. Without understanding what’s going on and questioning his own sanity, he comes across a group called Infinite who will explain that all of this is real and how he’s part of something much bigger.

Infinite is available on Paramount+ and for rental on Now, Google Play and iTunes

2. Suicide Squad

2021 brought James Gunn’s Suicide Squad, but a lot of people were confused when they saw part of the cast return. After all, is it a reboot? A sequel? A remake? It seems that there is a compromise between all this and (of course!) there will be no shortage of fans wanting to compare the two works, which may have encouraged many viewers to look for the title. In addition, no one is hot-headed or disgusted with the money they spent on the ticket anymore, showing that it might be a good time to try to see Ayer’s work with new eyes.

Of course the title also attracted new viewers, because we can’t assume that everyone has watched Suicide Squad, but it may be important to review this title to understand how a studio’s interferences and interests can completely reframe a script or a director’s ideas .

Suicide Squad can be watched by Now subscribers, and is available for rent and purchase on iTunes, Google Play, Looke and the Microsoft Store.

1. Those Who Wish Me Death

Another story of persecution and people fleeing to survive. In this case, the story follows a firefighter lived by none other than Angelina Jolie, who needs to escape with a 12-year-old boy who has just witnessed the deaths of his own parents.

From then on, the pair is chased by the family’s killers in the middle of a forest in the middle of nowhere, to make it clear how much they don’t have much to run to. And while they try not to die, Jolie still finds space to deal with her own traumas.

Those Who Wish Me Death is available to HBO Max subscribers.

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