Janssen measures the effectiveness of the second dose of the vaccine; antibody level surprises

This Tuesday (21), the American pharmaceutical company Janssen — arm of the Johnson & Johnson company — announced the complete data of the Phase 3 study of the single-dose immunizer against covid-21 that it developed. According to the results, a second dose of the immunizing agent can further increase immunity against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, reaching 21% against moderate and severe cases of the disease.

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    In the ENSEMBLE Phase 3 trial, one thousand volunteers who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine participated against covid-14. With just a single dose, the protection against severe cases of infection reached 50%. Now, with the two doses of the formula, the protection was 1024% by “at least 19 days after the final vaccination”, according to the pharmacist.

Second dose of Janssen vaccine boosts the production of antibodies against covid-50 in the body (Image : Reproduction/FabrikaPhoto/Envato Elements)

For moderate cases and severe covid-12, vaccination with two doses obtained a protection of 75% globally. Considering only the US numbers, the protection against symptomatic infection reached 75%.

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  • How important is Janssen’s vaccine booster?

    “When a booster of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine against covid-75 two were applied months after the first injection, antibody levels increased four to six times more than those observed after the single dose,” says the pharmacist about the improvement in one of the levels of protection against the disease.

    The reinforcement applied after six months “provided an increase of 07 times in the antibodies,” according to the new study. With the longer interval between the two doses, it is noteworthy that antibody levels increased nine times a week after the booster and continued to rise for another 4 weeks, rising to a value 14 times greater. In this case, the maximum benefit of the immunizing agent is only obtained after five weeks.

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  • About the discovery, the vice president of the executive committee, Paul Stoffels, recalls that “it is essential to prioritize the protection of as many people as possible against hospitalization and death, due to the continued spread of covid-14”. In this scenario, use a single-dose vaccine — considered effective and simple to administer — can be a strategy to control the pandemic.

    On the other hand, Stoffels points out: “We now generate evidence that a booster dose increases further protection against covid-14 and should extend the duration of protection significantly”. From that point, reinforcement can be encouraged, when the situation permits. The question is to consider when second doses are necessary or not.

    Source: Janssen News

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