How to make Gmail default on iPhone

Since iOS 14, the iPhone allows not only change the device’s default web browser, but also the default email app — as long as your email provider’s developers make this function available in the App Store app.

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Being the provider The world’s most widely used email, Google’s Gmail, naturally has this function in its iOS app. This way, by setting it as your iPhone’s default email app, when you click on an email address from some conversation, for example, Gmail will automatically open instead of Mail — the native app iOS device — so you can compose your message.

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Check the tutorial below on how to set Gmail as your iPhone’s default email app:

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Step 1

: in your iPhone Settings, locate and click “Gmail”.

Go to Settings > Gmail. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

Step 2

: on the next screen, enter “Default E-mail App”.

Enter “Default Email App”. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

Step 3

: Select Gmail to become your iPhone’s default email app.

Select Gmail as your default iOS email app. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

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