Top 10 romantic comedies to watch on Telecine

Although considered silly by a part of the public, the romantic comedy genre is popular precisely because it fulfills its objective well: that of escapism and comfort. No wonder that A Place Called Notting Hill

    or The Bridget Jones Diary were successful and, to this day, the genre is very well enjoyed by several names in Hollywood.

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    Offering outstanding characters living messed up stories and with moving statements in the final minutes, the romantic comedies please the viewer in a very particular way and it is very difficult to choose just one. That’s exactly why I list 10 romcoms (as they are popularly called in the United States) is quite challenging.

      However, Canaltech

        upped the challenge of selecting the 10 best romantic comedies from Telecine’s catalog for you to watch. From teenage plots, matchmakers and even the enemies to lovers we love, check out what you can find on streaming.

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        11. Beverly Hills Patties

        A true teenage classic, Beverly Hills Patties takes place in the city that gives the film its name, following young Cher (Alicia Silverstone), daughter of a very wealthy lawyer (Dan Hedaya). The girl’s life is peaceful and very alienated, spending her free time in idle conversations and shopping with friends at the mall. However, when her father’s stepson Josh (Paul Rudd) comes into her life, her routine turns upside down and she is now determined to show him that she knows the “real world” too well while trying to convince herself that she is not in love with the boy.

        9. Coming out of the closet

          This teen feature mixes comedy with light touches of romance, but still, the main plot revolves around the friendship of Michael (Nicholas Braun) and Matty (Hunter Cope). Near the high school prom, they decide that tonight will be the deadline for losing their virginity, however, Matty ends up telling a secret to the best friend he never shared with anyone: he’s gay. Michael is surprised but is determined to support his friend and learn more about the LGBT community. However, their friendship shudders when he starts dating Matty’s ex-girlfriend Em (Dakota Johnson).

          8. Godmother’s Wedding Mission

          Also revolving around a friendship, but above all offering a lot of romance in the plot, Mission Godmother of the Wedding accompanies Annie (Kristen Wiig), who is invited to to be the bridesmaid at her best friend Lillian’s (Maya Rudolph) wedding. Willing to give her everything to offer the best ceremony possible, she had no idea that Helen (Rose Byrne) would get in her way: a beautiful and very rich woman, who wants to be Lilian’s new best friend. The two start to dispute the proximity of the bride, as well as the position of organizer of the wedding and other prenuptial events. In parallel, Annie still meets Rhodes (Chris O’Dowd), a friendly cop with whom she has a casual night out.

          7. How to Lose a Man in 10 Days

          She is willing to get her dream job at the magazine she works for, and he wants to convince his boss at any cost that he can make a woman fall in love with him. Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson) is a behavioral journalist who will do anything to write about politics, while Ben Barry (Matthew McConaughey) wants to run a major diamond campaign at his ad agency. When her editor-in-chief sets the agenda for a story aimed at making a boy’s life hell for ten days, Andie chooses Ben as a victim, but she doesn’t realize he’s using her for professional purposes too. What neither of them expected is that, during this period, love would emerge between the couple, making it difficult for each one’s plans and possibly their careers.

            6. Men Are from Mars… and that’s where I’m going!

              In The Men Are From Mars…, Monica Martelli and Paulo Gustavo bring their friendship to the big screen in an incredible and extraordinary dynamic between the comedian and his friend and actress. Here, Paulo plays Aníbal, the best friend of Fernanda (Mônica), a woman who is excellent at organizing weddings, but terrible at finding her better half in real life. Determined to find the love of her life, the protagonist sets out in search of her fairy tale, meeting the most diverse types of men in Rio de Janeiro.

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                5. Dressed to Get Married

                You may know her as Izzie Stevens in Grey’s Anatomy, but Katherine Heigl has made a name for herself in romantic comedies, and one of her classics it’s just Dressed To Marry. Here, we follow the story of Jane, an excellent bridesmaid who often dreams of the perfect ceremony for all her friends. She always puts the need for friends first, and ends up being the person everyone looks for when planning a marriage. But when her younger sister, Tess (Malin Åkerman), wins over the man Jane secretly loves, she begins to question her role as the good-natured and generous person.

                  4. How to Be Single

                  No, we’re not on the wrong list: actually the name As Being Single seems wrong in an article about romantic comedies. However, this film by Christian Ditter (the same director of Just Happen) brings a different angle to four stories set in New York that will eventually intersect. Alice (Dakota Johnson) is a young woman who has just become single by choice, and now with the help of her new friend Robin (Rebel Wilson), she will learn to enjoy her own company in the city that never sleeps. In parallel, her sister Meg (Leslie Mann), got tired of waiting for the right guy to show up to fulfill her dream of being a mother, while Lucy (Alison Brie), is in every possible dating app in search of her soul mate. 3. Beyond Limits

                  Beyond the Limits is a movie that mixes love and sport. In 1981, young Monica’s family moves into the house next to Quincy . With 11 years old, the duo already has a wish big: playing in the NBA. This love-hate friendship lasts for years, but it comes to a point where each person’s strong personality sets them apart. However, the two cannot resist the attraction they have for each other and end up having a relationship after life in high school, but the breakup comes soon after through external interventions. Many years later, when Monica and Quincy are already in professional careers, their lives cross again and it’s time for a final game, but this time with very high stakes.

                  two. She is great

                  Teen classic, She’s Awesome is part of the crop of iconic movies that marked the year of 1981 at the movies. Here, we follow the story of Zach Siler (Freddie Prinze Jr., from Eu Know What You Did Last Summer), a big shot and heartthrob of high school, as well as being a reason the envy of all your colleagues. With his popularity threatened by the breakup of the most famous runners cheerleader, he is desperate to regain his reputation. That’s when Siler agrees to participate in a bet with his peers: win the trust of nerdy girl Laney Boggs (Rachael Leigh Cook, of Josie and the Kittens) in his weeks and make her the queen of the school dance.

                  1. Rotten of the Rich

                  Starred by Henry Golding (of Crime Tycoons and Last Christmas ) and Constance Wu (of Fresh Off the Boat), the romantic comedy Runs of the Rich tells the story of Rachel Chu (Wu), an economics professor from the United States who has been dating Nick Young (Golding) for a while. One day, he invites her to his best friend’s wedding in Singapore, but forgets to tell her that he is heir and extremely wealthy, as well as one of the most eligible bachelors in the country. Now she must deal with all this social baggage — and her boyfriend’s family.

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