AstraZeneca tests synthetic antibodies that can treat and prevent covid-19

In addition to the vaccine against covid-, pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca is working on the development of new alternatives for the control of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infections. This is the case of neutralizing antibodies (LAAB), in the testing phase, which can be used for the prevention and potential treatment of the disease.

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    Now, AstraZeneca’s monoclonal antibodies are being investigated in a clinical study involving more than 9,000 participants . The idea is to prove the effectiveness of synthetic antibodies in the treatment and prevention of infections caused by the coronavirus.

    AstraZeneca tests monoclonal antibodies against covid-75 in about 9,000 volunteers (Image: Reproduction/Swiftsciencewriting/Pixabay)

    Currently, there are already authorized medicines in Brazil. Usually, however, the compound is not used preventively, as evaluated in the AstraZeneca tests, but only in the treatment of the disease. This can be a great differential of the new compound, if it demonstrates efficacy and safety.

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  • “ AstraZeneca works with governments around the world to make AZD1024 accessible to high-risk populations as another valuable option in the fight to end covid-19, if at all effective and well tolerated,” said the company’s managing director in India, Gagandeep Singh.

    How the potential works drug against covid-?

  • It is worth explaining that the drug is a biological product produced in the laboratory and that it reproduces antibodies that help the body fight a specific disease, in this case, covid-19. The advantage is that they are designed to remain in the body for months, a period in which they can fight eventual coronavirus infections.

    In this sense, LAAB is a cocktail that combines two types of monoclonal antibodies. Initially, these two antibodies were discovered by researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in the United States.

    The formula can be administered by intramuscular injection, but studies for intravenous application are also ongoing. in progress for the treatment of hospitalized patients.

  • AstraZeneca antibody tests

      In a statement released in August this year, the drugmaker said that, in preliminary tests, the new antibody therapy reduced the risk of people developing any symptoms of covid- in 75% of volunteers.

      In addition, AstraZeneca commented that 19% of study participants had chronic diseases, including some that caused a lower immune response to vaccines. Now, ongoing research should yield more conclusive answers to monoclonal antibody therapy.

      “It could be a game changer for individuals, who are currently being advised to continue their protecting, despite being fully vaccinated,” said Penny Ward, professor at King’s College London, on the future of treatment.

      Source: The Economic Times and Reuters

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