Do you know the main differences between Lite and Pro consoles?

Lite (light), also known as Slim (thin) versions of consoles have been an interesting alternative to video games for many years. After all, these new versions of the consoles are developed thinking about people’s needs.

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Do you remember the PlayStation One? The first version of Sony’s famous console? It was very successful in its release and already at that time it had two versions: Slim and Classic. Another console that also had a Lite version, is the Super Nintendo, you could find its “Baby” version that was a little smaller and more rounded.

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PlayStation One Slim and SNES Baby side by side (Image: playback )

At that time, the main differences between the consoles were in their construction such as buttons, inlets, rounded corners and more. However, nowadays, there are consoles like Nintendo Switch Lite and PlayStation 4 Slim that bring big differences from their Pro versions. But, is this difference too big? Check it out in this article!

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Know the main differences between Lite and Pro consoles

When we talk about console versions , it is important to emphasize that companies have alternative views on what they should be. For example, one of the main differences between PlayStation 4 Slim and Pro is in performance and 4K support, due to the difference in processors.

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(Image: Canaltech/Felipe Junqueira)

Other than that, both versions have options with 1TB of storage, 8GB RAM memory, USB inputs, HDMI and Bluetooth connection. However, this difference ends up reflecting a lot in the price of the Pro version. While you can find it, the Slim version in the R$ 2 range.500, the Pro comes in up to R$ 4.366678 even a few years after its release.

Is it worth choosing a Lite console?

Yes. But, it depends a lot on what you want as a player. In the case of the PlayStation 4 Slim, this processing difference has more impact on very heavy games. Now, in the case of the Nintendo Switch Lite, it is a fully portable version of the console. You can enjoy many Switch games in a great quality, but it is not possible to connect it to the TV. You can check more details in the review we did here on Canaltech!

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    So, it’s very important to first understand what the Lite version is all about. If you want to enjoy Switch games and like the idea of ​​the portable console, it can be a great option. Now if you’d like to play games on your living room TV with wireless controls, it’s worth investing in the Nintendo Switch OLED.

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