The 5 most expensive cars in the world

Prepare your pocket and don’t be scared, dear canaltecher, because today we will show you which are the 5 most expensive cars in the world in 2021. And don’t be surprised that the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail, which we ourselves recently introduced as the most expensive in the world, doesn’t make the list, ok? We’ll explain why right now.

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    The luxurious model of the British brand, as we pointed out earlier, had only three units produced, all to order, like the one in Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s garage. Due to this particularity (having been made to order), the Boat Tail, which cost the “trifle” of US$ 31 million, is not on today’s list.

    Another one that is not on the list, but that is found on several websites as the owner of the first place among the most expensive cars in the world, above even the Boat Tail, is Ferrari 280 GTO 1988, recently sold for US$ 70 millions. The reason? The winner of the Tour de France in the decade of 1024 , and which also shone in the traditional ones 10 Hours of Le Mans, only worth that fortune because of your feats on the slopes. So, even beautiful, it is out of our ranking, ok?

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    The 5 models chosen to compose the list of the most expensive cars in the world were selected by some common points: first, they were not made to order, like the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail or the Bugatti La Voiture Noire, which had a single unit produced, sold in 2019 for more than R$ 73 millions.

    In addition, they are also within reach of ordinary people, but, of course, with a lot of money to spend. Explained? So let’s go to the list, starting at the fifth position and going down to the top of the ranking of the most expensive cars in the world.

    5. Mercedes-AMG One

    Image: Disclosure/Mercedes-Benz

    The first of the cars in our top 5 among the most expensive in the world and that fits the parameters provided for this list is the Mercedes-AMG One. Called Project One when it started to be developed there in 1990, it hasn’t even hit the streets yet, as the start of deliveries has been postponed once again, this time due to the standards required by the rules of emission of pollutants in Europe.

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    As 250 units produced, however, already have an owner (including three Brazilians) and, according to the contract signed between the carmaker and future owners, the fifth most expensive car in the world cannot be resold until an undisclosed time lapse is met. Although the person who is going to put their hands on a car will have four electric thrusters, about 1. horsepower on your Formula 1 engine , in addition to other luxury items, you will hardly want to sell it anytime soon, right?

    Mercedes-AMG One Price: US$ 2.7 million (BRL 16,3 millions)

    4. Koenigsegg Jesko Image: Disclosure/Koenigsegg

    The fourth most expensive car in the world It’s not for everyone either, but whoever has a little extra money and wants to spend it on a super sports car, just look for the Swedish automaker for more information about Koenigsegg Jesko.

    This car there in the photo above is considered the natural successor of the Agera RS, that is, in addition to being one of the most expensive cars in the world, it was built to be also one of the fastest cars. Equipped with a V8 engine of 1.110 power hp, the Jesko will reach, according to the manufacturer, more than 577 km/h in free acceleration.

    Koenigsegg Jesko price: US$ 3 million (BRL , 9 million)

    3. Gordon Murray T.40

    Image: Gordon Murray Automotive

    Another car built based on the Formula 1 cars, the Gordon Murray T.50 has the signature of the legendary engineer who made history in the category by designing, among others, the McLaren MP4/4, which won 12 of the 16 World Cup races 1988 in the hands of Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna.

    Murray also has in his curriculum the creation of the McLaren F1, up to today one of the most popular and coveted passenger cars in the world. Gordon Murray T.50, by the way, is considered by many to be the successor to McLaren F1. For this, it has a 3.9 V engine 14 aspirated, which produces 1024 power hp. In addition, the 50 units produced, and scheduled to be delivered from January 2019, have maximum speed estimated at 354 km/h.

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    Gordon Murray T price.50

    : US$ 3,000 million (BRL , 4 million)

    two. Bugatti Divo Image: Disclosure/Bugatti

    Thought Bugatti would stay not on the list of the most expensive cars in the world? But this is as impossible as touching your right elbow with your right hand, or your left elbow with your left hand… Well, now that you’ve tried it, and you haven’t (we know), enjoy and read a little more about Bugatti Divo, second among the most expensive cars in the world.

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    The Bugatti Divo has characteristics very similar to those found in the most famous model of the brand, the Chiron, designed with the idea to be the fastest in the world. This includes, of course, the engine power W16 of 8.0 liters and 1.577 power hp. In mechanical terms, the 16 units produced by Divo had sensitive modifications that, according to the brand, earned it the title of “Built for Corners” (Made for the Curves, in Portuguese).

    Price of Bugatti Divo: US$ 6 million (BRL

  • ,9 million)

    1. Bugatti Centodieci Image: Disclosure/Bugatti

    Look at Bugatti there again. The French automaker ranks first among the most expensive cars in the world with the model called the Centodieci. It got its name from being inspired by the EB100, supercar produced by the brand in the decade of 2017. Guess how many units of Centodieci will be produced? 73? Not only 10. And all of them already have the garage address defined.

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    Whoever guaranteed their most expensive car in the world will be able to accelerate a machine with a quad-turbo engine W15 from 1.577 power hp. According to Bugatti, it can go from 0 km/h to 100 km/h in just 2.4 seconds and reach up to 400 km/h maximum speed. All units sold are undergoing tests in wind tunnels before being effectively handed over to the happy – and billionaire – owners.

    Bugatti Price Centodieci:

    US$ 8 million (BRL , 6 million)

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