Tips for playing Among Us on mobile

Among Us (PC | Android | iOS) and fun go hand in hand, not to mention that desire for revenge against your friend who beat you in the previous match. The game was originally released on 2018, but it only gained attention during the pandemic and helped a lot to face the difficulties in the period.

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Innersloth’s title version is free, expanding the player base, but for those used to playing on the computer may experience some difficulty in adapting to the small screens. For this, we have prepared some tips to do well on mobile devices as well.

Tips for playing Among Us on mobile

Find a comfortable position

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Unlike the computer, which normally the player is seated, on mobile devices the player can be on the couch, in bed or anywhere else. It is important to be as comfortable as possible without losing posture. On mobile devices, it’s a little more difficult to control the character, so this tip becomes important and, speaking of difficulty, let’s go to the next tip.

Test the types of controls

The title has two ways to control your character during the action, it is highly recommended that you test both. To find them, just click on the gear icon on the home screen, located at the bottom of the display. The “Command” is arcade style, showing the icon in the lower left corner and the touchscreen gives the screen more visual freedom. Try them both and see which one pleases you the most.

Test the controls and see which one works best (Image: Rodrigo Folter /Print Screen)

Keep your tasks in your head

One of the biggest problems in games for mobile are HUDs occupying the screen. As soon as you start the game one of these points out what your obligations in the game are, memorize them and close; this makes the screen have less information and you can focus better.

The more visual clarity , best. Minimize the taskbar to see better (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

Take care of the surroundings

This goes into general tips too, but the smaller screen of cell phones can help with that, as the on-screen action is concentrated in a smaller space. Use this feature during matches to take advantage of your opponents. Also, knowing what’s going on around you can be the difference between staying on the ship or not.

General tips for playing Among Us

Discover the maps

It’s normal to get lost if you’ve never played before, so try to understand the layout of each map to avoid getting lost and increase your chances of doing the task quickly. One way to understand it faster is to constantly look at the game map.

Study the map to navigate with ease (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screencapture)

Never stand still and be objective

Unless you are the Imposter, which gives you security, being stuck in the game is a bad idea. Always move, looking for victims or to accomplish tasks quickly and seek victory. Also avoid walking around the map doing nothing while the tasks are not done the Imposter saves time, so get to work.

Try to be objective and finish the tasks as quickly as possible (Image: Rodrigo Folter/ Print Screen)

Pay attention to others

People going in the opposite direction of each other are generally not good. Well, maybe it’s just in my head, but this is a game where everything gets suspicious, right? Keep an eye on those who play away from others.

505265 Always be aware of what others are doing, or if they walk alone (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screencapture)

What other tips would you give to those who like Among Us? Tell us in the comments.

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