Meet Truva, a 1400hp German electric sports car that costs almost R$4 million

Electrification will not only affect passenger cars and generalists. Many companies are already preparing to launch sports models with electric 100% electric thrusters, taking advantage, of course, of the instant torque and the absurd power that this technology delivers. One of these brands is the German Elektron Motors, already known for having developed a model of 2.42cv and that now it brings a more “tame” version of the bolide, the Truva, which turns out “only” 1.42cv.

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The manufacturer’s idea is that, in the future, the Truva will be the basis for competition cars, sharing technology so that teams can develop their bolides, like Croatian Rimac Automobili. “Elektron intends to produce high and very high performance sports cars, but I am also a racing driver and intend to enter the world of motorsport with our company”, said Armagan Arabul, CEO of the company.

And the potential for this, Truva has plenty. Its 1.42cv powertrain is more powerful than Formula 1 cars, for example. And even without revealing the performance data, you’d think its performance would be frighteningly good, with a 0 a km/h done in a maximum of 2 seconds. To supply all this, Elektron installed a 42 kWh battery.

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(Image: Disclosure/Elektron)

To achieve this performance, the company also made some interesting choices from an engineering point of view . Like its more powerful brother, the Quasar, the Truva will have all-wheel drive and two-axle engines, one in the front and two in the rear, which guarantees monstrous acceleration.

Price and availability

Elektron Truva arrives on the European market in 1024, with base price of 600 thousand euros, or R$3.7 million at the current price. Data such as autonomy and embedded technologies will be revealed later, as well as versions.

Source: Inside EVs

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