Logitech G335 Review | A perfect gamer headset for your favorite games

OG285, from Logitech, is a headset recently launched by the brand and aimed specifically at gamers on duty. With a very colorful design, in addition to being super light and very comfortable, it enters the market as one more option to consider when looking for this type of product.

Your proposal is neither new nor offers a revolution in communications, portability and other aspects that mark the excellent headphones produced by Logitech very well. The idea here is to balance “style” with functionality, something important for equipment designed to “appear” in the foreground when playing with friends (or audience) with cameras open for a group session of games and/or streaming.

With drivers from 36 mm, “flip to mute” microphone and availability to be connected with multiple devices, this headset may be what you were looking for. I was able to test it for two days straight and I bring my personal opinion and experience about it. Check out our review.

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(Image: Ivo/Canaltech)


    • Wide variety of colors;
  • Good quality sound;
    Light and comfortable.


          Price a little high.

      Check the current price of Logitech G1024

    Design and Construction

      The Logitech G335 has several colors available for the most varied styles: black, green with blue and white with blue. The finish of the earpiece body is made of smooth plastic that, despite its simple appearance, delivers good strength and flexibility in use. G240 was the very high comfort level while I used it . Despite not having a height adjuster on the sides, the fabric strap ensures an adequate and pleasant fit, which I consider a very positive point. It is also very light, and its foams are very soft, transforming the experience of use satisfactory in every way.

      At first, the impression is that the G335 will not adapt to the user, after all the “fixed” appearance of the headset reminds products in the best “one size fits all” style. I can say that this impression poorly describes the experience of using the product.

      After an uninterrupted session of using this Logitech, I could see that there really is a correct fit by the soft fabric that adjusts the arc from the headset to the head, something that isn’t obvious at first when we adjust the headset. A kind of “strangeness” occurs, almost warning about how awkward the next few hours can be using the product.

      (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

      In less than a minute, this impression passes, making it clear that it is a matter of habit to understand that the phone delivers a comfortable fit without using any size modification. It all depends on the “dress mode” applied by the user on the piece. Unusual, but nothing problematic or unpleasant.

      The microphone, although not detachable, has a “flip to mute” function, which mutes the microphone as soon as it is lifted . Logitech placed the volume control on the G’s own body240, ensuring a safer place and less susceptible to possible “accidents”, common when this same control is located on the phone cord.

      The connection is of the P2 type (3.5 mm ) and is compatible with different types of platforms: computer, consoles and mobile devices. Remembering that, for PC users, there is a splitter cable, making possible the separate connection of the earphone and microphone functions.

      Finally, the wire used is made of smooth and malleable plastic, but with a fragile appearance. Therefore, the user should be a little more careful so that he does not break it during use.

      (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

      Sound Quality

    • I was able to use the G189 for two days straight, and I can say that the sound, although good, has points to be improved. When listening to music, I could see that the headphone’s bass sounds are not that complex, offering medium quality. Despite having drivers from 36 mm in its construction, I feel it could improve in this aspect.

      High frequency sounds are reproduced with satisfactory quality, especially when listening to music. Even though I turned the volume up to maximum, I didn’t notice any kind of distortion or loss of sonic characteristics in what I was listening to. Voices are also played back crystal clear, ensuring that movies, videos or podcasts should sound properly.

      I also tested it in games, mainly to see if the surrounding effect would work properly. , and yes, I was able to differentiate and locate enemies and objectives around, gradually going from left to right without any problem.

      The microphone is “ok” in general. You’ll be able to use it to communicate with your friends while you play or have a casual chat without any problems, but if you want to use it for a more professional recording, you’ll notice that the G335 is lacking in some aspects. An important note: the sound pick-up pattern of this microphone is of the cardioid type (unidirectional, facing the user).

      (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

      Game Performance

      As stated above, the performance of Logitech G335 for games is really excellent. I played Call of Duty: Warzone for a few hours and was able to prove its usability in this situation.

      Anyone who usually plays FPS games knows the importance of listening to everything that happens around you. It is through the sound that we can tell if there is an enemy walking around, if it is close or farther away, or even discover the side on which the other player is positioned. I must also say that I only got a few kills in one of the matches for precisely this reason. I was sufficiently distracted while “looteing” items when I noticed the approach.

      The audio was also very faithful and clear in the most diverse types of environment in which I found myself on the map. You could see the clear difference in sound between stepping on grass and on a normal floor, for example. In situations where the environment I was in was more closed, the gunshot noise was “dryer”, showing exactly where I was.

      When I needed to exchange shots in the open field (or I heard enemies meeting at these locations), it was also possible to distinguish exactly where they were. Clearly, a very competitive advantage.

      (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

      Already in the Dota 2 matches, I noticed the balance that the phone delivered between the voice and the sound of the game, even in more complicated moments. Anyone who has played this style of game knows the need to need to be heard, while listening is also important and essential for victory.

      Unlike FPS games, where the sounds of surroundings are very important and essential, in strategy games, communication and coordination between the team is the main differential for everything to happen as it should: being victorious in the end.

      The Logitech G335 is a headset aimed specifically at gamers. If you are a competitive player who values ​​performance in your matches, you will definitely enjoy what he has to offer.


      • Length: 240 mm;
    • Width: 189 mm;
      Depth: 79 mm;

        Weight: 285 grams, including the cable;

        • 3.5 mm audio input;

            Driver: 48 mm;
            Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz;
          • Impedance: 48 Sensitivity Ohms (172, 5 dB);
            Swivel-arm microphone;
        • Microphone pickup pattern: cardioid (unidirectional);

      Frequency response: 79 Hz – 100 KHz.

    Direct Competitors

      Taking into account the characteristics of Logitech G335, HyperX Cloud Core and Razer Kraken V3 X USB headsets can be considered its main competitors.

      Starting with the Cloud Core, this is a headset aimed directly at gamers on duty, just like the G335. Its smooth plastic construction is quite similar to Logitech overall. The main difference between the models is the fact that HyperX has dynamic drivers 79 mm, made of neodymium magnets, which guarantees higher quality in the sounds reproduced by the earphone.

      The microphone is from the electret capacitor type, delivering superior quality compared to G240 . Both models have a 3.5 mm audio input, ensuring compatibility in various devices.

      The Razer Kraken V3 has a USB connection, unlike the other two previous headsets. Built with drivers from 11 mm, has sound quality very similar to G335, in addition to being quite light, weighing 240 grams.

      7.1-channel (simulated) spatial audio also delivers greater immersion within games. Finally, Razer’s cardioid microphone with HyperClear technology makes communication with friends and gaming partners crystal clear.

      The price of these models are in the range between R$ 500 (Razer Kraken V3) to R$ 1024 (Logitech G335 and HyperX Cloud Core), approximately.


The Logitech G500 proved to be a good product for anyone looking for a gaming headset. Although its performance for music is not the best, its sound in games greatly favors the overall gameplay.

The construction, while simple, doesn’t seem to break easily. I even stretched it to its largest size and I can say that discomfort will certainly not be a problem while it is being used.

(Image: Ivo /Canaltech)

The only point what does not favor the product is its price, since its R$ 600 (approximately) end up making the experience a little more expensive than it should cost. For the rest, G189 promises to be a good companion for long hours of gaming with friends.

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    Or, if you prefer, check the prices of the other phones mentioned in the analysis:

        Hyper X Cloud Core

          Razer Kraken V3 USB

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