Galaxy Buds 2 dismantling reveals repairability issues

Galaxy Buds 2 are headphones launched by Samsung in August this year, and bring features such as active noise cancellation, IPX2 water splash resistance, and five-hour battery life of uninterrupted playback. The iFixit channel on YouTube conducted a test of dismantling the accessory, which showed some structural problems that could hinder the repairability of the product.

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    Internal parts are easily accessed, but battery is soldered

    Soldered battery may mean problems when repairing the product (Image: YouTube/iFixit)

    At the beginning of the dismantling, Galaxy Buds 2 show that the internal parts can be reached easily, as the glue that sticks the two halves of the external structure together does not is so strong. Therefore, you can open the headphones with just a snap on the tips, and the inside reveals the main board surrounded by a pink plastic frame. The main repairability problem is the fact that the battery connection with the speakers is made with a solder, and not with a simple and detachable cable, as in other headphones.

    Therefore , these parts cannot be removed easily and practically, and it is probably not an action to be done indoors. In other words, if a problem is identified with the Galaxy Buds 2, it is very likely that the phone will need to be taken to a technical assistance service. The video presenter highlights that this is a change in tactics by Samsung in relation to structures, as the Galaxy Buds Pro also had the same inconveniences.

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    On the other hand, dismantling the other parts proved to be easy. Galaxy Buds 2 have two speakers — a tweeter for high frequencies and a woofer for the lower ones — which already shows an advantage compared to several competitors. These parts can be removed with the application of a heat source, which softens the adhering substance and allows the disconnection of the two small modules.

    Carrying case has disassembly easy

    On the other hand, the battery from the case can be removed easily (Image: YouTube/iFixit)

    The Galaxy Buds 2 protective cover can be disassembled with ease, and the 200 mAh battery is only secured by a few simple screws, in addition to the connection to the board main case. There are also pins that allow contact with the headphones to recharge the device, in addition to a connection indicator LED that can be seen from the outside, and also the USB-C input.

    The full video can be seen below:


    Source : YouTube/iFixit

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