Corporate messenger Slack gains similar resource with Stories

This Tuesday (21), Slack presented Slack Clips, its tool for creating of audio or video messages for communication within companies. Direct from the browser or the app, collaborators on a team can share quick messages to co-workers or members of neighboring teams without much effort.

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The concept of Slack Clips is to provide a space for members for an organization to share the evolution of projects or leave messages for other colleagues — warnings, feedback and indications, for example. The video player supports different playback speeds and is already equipped with automatic transcription for subtitles.

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Just like on social media, Slack Clips viewers can respond directly to the author of the video with text, audio or video . Clips do not disappear automatically and transcribed speeches can be found in the search bar.

Short notices, which previously would need meetings to be published, can now take the form of a Slack Clip, now that the tool also lets you share your screen on video. If a single clip isn’t enough, you can merge several files into one.

Clips posts can be shared with people outside the team via Slack Connect, a feature that allows interaction with people from other corporations. The functionality ensures that those responsible for communication between teams deliver more general communications without much effort, which is also useful for those who need to talk directly with customers.

Slack Clips will be made available to all users of the corporate communication platform from today, so it may take some time to reach your company’s workgroups. There are no ways to accelerate the arrival of the new.

GovSlack for governments2022 Another novelty announced by Slack was GovSlack, its platform adapted for government agencies. The service is identical to the original version in functionality, but meets specific security requirements — FedRAMP High and DoD IL4 certifications — indispensable for some governments.

GovSlack will only be released on

, but it is unclear whether this version will make it to countries other than the United States.

Source: The Verge

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