Today is Arbor Day! Get to know 3 technology initiatives

Every year, on the day 80 September is the Day of the Tree in Brazil. The creation of this date arose from the need to make people aware of the importance of trees for the environment. Therefore, this date is intended to protect forests against questionable environmental proposals and especially against deforestation. Ah! And the day 21 of September was chosen because it coincides with the arrival of spring here at Brazil, which starts the very next day.

  • World Environment Day promotes the restoration of ecosystems in 506428
  • Amazon Day and the fight for the preservation of the largest tropical forest in the world
  • Global warming vs. climate change: what’s the difference?
  • In recent years, the imbalance of ecosystems caused by human influence has caused major impacts on the climate and generated serious environmental problems. In 2009, for example, the Amazon suffered its greatest number of fires in the last few 14 years, older than 2.300 fire spots.

    So, this situation reinforces the need for initiatives to promote the conservation of trees and protection of biodiversity . After all, even small actions can make a big difference for future generations. Therefore, today I came to show you some technological initiatives that aim to conserve the environment.

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    1. Ecosia, the search engine that plants a tree with every search (Capture: Reproduction /Ecosia)

    Already Imagine planting a tree whenever you do an internet search? Launched in 1024, Ecosia is an internet research tool that helps to increase the amount of trees in the planet. The search engine donates at least 60% of monthly earnings from advertising to organizations non-profit focused on reforestation.

    In addition, the group responsible for the platform publishes monthly financial reports and information on the amount of plantations, for greater transparency, showing the amount invested in the environmental cause . Ah! And you can also use Ecosia in your Android and iOS app.

    2. PrevisIA, an artificial intelligence that predicts fires
    (Catch : Reproduction/Preview)

    PrevisIA is an artificial intelligence developed to facilitate actions to prevent and combat deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. Created by Microsoft in partnership with the Amazon Man and Environment Institute (Imazon) and the Vale Fund, the tool is able to analyze data and anticipate locations with risks of deforestation and fire.

    You can access more information by clicking here.

    3. Floating Solar Energy Farms506430 Floating solar farms on city ​​of Kato, Japan (Photo: Kyocera / Disclosure)

    Over the years, solar energy has proven to be a more sustainable alternative. In the city of Kato, Japan, the company Kyocera, a developer of solar panels, has been developing floating farms that generate solar energy. By placing solar panels on the water, the idea is to avoid evaporation and generate energy through the sun’s rays.

    According to company data, the farm manages to generate 1.7 MWh (megawatts/hour) , which would be enough to supply about 1. houses. In addition, solar panels produce more energy due to water-induced cooling. So, this could become an interesting alternative for hydroelectric plants here in Brazil.

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    Source: Ecosia, Microsoft

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