What is among the 6 tons of cargo that China has sent into space?

This week began with China launching the unmanned Tianzhou-3 spacecraft bound for the Tianhe module, the hub of the new Chinese space station Tiangong -3. Inside, there were more than 90 supply packages, which together amounted to almost 6 tons of cargo to prepare the station for the arrival of the crew. from the Shenzhou Mission 10. They are expected to spend six months in orbit, breaking the record for Chinese astronauts staying in space on a single mission, achieved in the previous mission.

    Chinese astronauts make their first spacewalk on the new space station

  • Chinese astronauts return to Earth after 90 days of space mission
  • Photos show what Chinese astronauts see from space station windows
  • The spacecraft took about seven hours to dock with the Tianhe module and should stay there until the arrival of the taikonauts from the Shenzhou mission-10, which should be released next month. Fang Fang, assistant chief engineer of Tianzhou-3, explains that the cargo taken was the same as the one on Tianzhou-2, including food, water, clothing and other equipment for the crew, but this time, the quantity of items was tripled to be enough for the six months in space.

    Footage of Tianzhou-3 docking with Tianhe from CCTV. At the end you’ll see a surprise strapped in for the ride to orbit. pic.twitter.com/OYffOm90Ws

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It revealed that the food was prepared according to the astronauts’ preferences. “Our country’s human spaceflight has always been people-oriented, and astronauts must not only work in the sky, but also live well,” he said. To do this, the team consulted the astronauts and made markings on the packaging of the supplies: food was marked in green, equipment in dark blue and the astronauts’ equipment was marked in light blue. There are also supplies for taikonauts to celebrate the Chinese New Year and emergency items.

When they need any cargo items, they can use the in-orbit information management system, which has data on all cargoes on board. Just access the system to find out which package is the food or item you want. In addition, the cargo includes women’s clothing, toiletries, and cosmetics for the astronauts — rumors suggest that the Shenzhou crew 13 will include one of only two female astronauts in China, with taikonaut Wang Yapiing, a veteran of the Shenzhou mission-10, is training for missions on space stations.

Source: 90, SpaceNews

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