Social network promotes contest to lead fans to chat with Orkut Buyukkokten

Have you ever thought about exchanging an idea with Orkut Buyukkokten, the creator of the extinct and legendary social network of the same name and founder of Hello? For this is closer to becoming a reality. Between the days 15 and 30 in September, Hello will promote a contest among users to encourage connections, generate conversations and strengthen friendships among Brazilians whose prize is a conversation with the legend of social networks.

  • For Orkut’s heir social network, Brazilians are looking for mild conversations on the web
  • Orkut’s social network gets a new revamped version with more features
  • Diversity matters: founder of Orkut talks about inclusion in technology

To participate, just have a complete Hello app profile with all validated information, be a level 3 or higher member, and post a creative jot (post) about why you should be the one to talk to Orkut. There are no limits to creativity, so letting your imagination run wild should help.

Want to talk to Orkut? This is the opportunity (Image: Disclosure/Hello)

“The pandemic ended up postponing my trip to Brazil, which made me miss the friendships and incredible conversations I had with Brazilians every time I was in the country. To reduce this distance, encourage real connections and interesting conversations, we decided to promote the contest” says Orkut.

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If you used the internet on decade 2000, surely you must remember the famous community-based social network of immense success by these bands. You can ask him about his experience in the world of social media, find out about the creation of the popular social network in the past, learn about curious stories about the platforms or even what are the expectations for the future of social media. How the conversation time will be used is up to you.

There will be five winners in total with different prizes:

  • 1st place: will win a video call from 15 minutes with Orkut and a recorded video message of 15 seconds;
  • 2nd place: will get a 5 minute video call with Orkut;
  • 3rd place: 3 winners will get a video message from 15 seconds.

    If you just created a profile there, know that the way to level up is by sharing your creations, experiences or recent thoughts, as well as commenting, tagging posts with heart and participating in communities. The more you interact within the network, the more experience you will accumulate to grow to higher levels.

    Those interested in participating can join the network and search the “Chat with Orkut” community for see what’s going on there and even get some inspiration to produce your own content. The Hello app is free and can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store — there is no iOS version.

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