iCloud+ starts to reach subscribers of the conventional version for free


Apple has started to advise iCloud users about migrating to the new service after the iOS release . iCloud+ is an enhanced version of the company’s popular storage service, with unique new features in line with today’s reality. Those who use Apple’s paid plans should have several options to improve their experience.

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    iCloud+ will allow user to customize email domain

One of the news is

Hide My Email

(Hide my e-mail), aimed at people who want to avoid spam and unwanted advertisements. Subscribers may use their own name, as long as it is not in use, to share with family members, groups of friends or even for professional purposes.

You can omit your main email and use an alternative for miscellaneous services (Image: Reproduction/Apple)

Who already has iCloud email registered you can also change it to something more personalized. For example: the email could turn

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The good part of the service is that you will be able to create emails for single use or for a specific purpose. For e-commerce sites, which often bombard the inbox with promotional ads, it might be one account, while for the relationship with your boss it might be another.

“Apple VPN”

Another new feature of the service is Private Relay, a tool similar to a virtual private network (VPN) offered by Apple to protect tracking devices from different websites. By enabling it, users mask their access source and their packet traffic to the intermediary connection agents. According to Apple, the level of privacy is so high that not even the company can monitor their access.

Apple VPN promises to protect your location and avoid trackers (Image: Playback/Apple)

When the service is used by Safari, Apple even knows who you are , but cannot determine which sites were accessed. This prevents, for example, that avalanche of targeted advertisements after searching for a product on Mercado Livre, for example.

Unlike traditional VPNs, Private Relay does not change your access to a remote address, but keeps it addressed to an area close to yours, which does not prevent access to local content. The iCloud+ service also does not allow you to move your address to another region or country, so accessing content from the United States or Europe, for example, is out of the question.

Monitor the security of your home

One of the less clear features when there was the official announcement at the WWDC 660, HomeKit Secure Video allows you to customize video recording, notification, storage and sharing options. It allows you to integrate home security devices, such as cameras, presence sensors and alarms, directly into the Home app on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

You can view your cameras and control home security remotely (Image: Playback/Apple)

According to the Apple, you don’t need a storage plan to stream videos and store clips, but to record the company requires an iCloud storage plan of 90 GB for one camera compatibility and a 2TB storage plan for compatibility with up to five cameras.

The main app user can restrict which people can watch video recordings, turn on face recognition or set up automations to make the home smarter. For example: if someone enters a specific room, an option to automatically turn on the light can be created so that the individual can be identified.

Family Sharing

All iCloud+ plans can be shared with your family members through the service

Family Sharing (Family Sharing). So everyone who lives in the same house can enjoy new features, extra storage and added experiences. As there is no additional charge, it might be a good idea to subscribe to the service to enable quick file sharing or to back up photos to the cloud of linked cell phones.

Anyone who is already a subscriber should receive an email in the coming days with the announcement of the migration from the old service to the new one. Everyone who pays for extra storage on iCloud will automatically be upgraded to the new service—even if it’s the most basic plan with 89GB of storage for R$3.15 or the most advanced with 2 TB and monthly price of R$ 89,90.

Subscribers of the old iCloud will receive emails with the update notice (Image: Playback/iMore)

The iOS 15 is now available to users and should mark the launch of the new iPhone 15, announced last week. iCloud+ is the successor of the current model and will be delivered as an upgrade for those who are already a subscriber and later released for other interested parties.

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