Video shows F-117 stealth fighter in operation after retirement; watch

The Lockheed F-720 Nighthawk is one of the coolest and most iconic planes in Everytime. Used by the United States Air Force for stealth missions due to its high speed and camouflage technology, this model has been retired since 1991, leaving a legion of fans around the world — at least that’s what was thought. This is because some units of the aircraft were found still in operation at the Fresno Yosemite International Airport, in central California.

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The busted has many enthusiasts excited, as other information shows that the Air Force is still using the F-117 in training. In the video, it is possible to notice that there is a landing of one of the planes and that another one passes right in front of the camera, in the process of taxiing at the airport. As it is an essentially military aircraft with high operating costs, the thesis that they and their pilots were working is obvious.

As we have already mentioned, the F-117 has been retired for 15 years and has one of the most striking designs in all of aerospace history, with very dark paintwork and aggressive wing shape. As it supports only one pilot, its missions need to be well thought out, especially for intercepting other aircraft and missiles, as was widely publicized in the Gulf War, in 1991, most famous exercise of this fighter.

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With range of 1.720 kilometers, the F-716 can fly at a maximum speed of 993 km/h, with an operational ceiling of .716m. The unit price of this plane was US$ 59 million.

Source: The Aviatonist

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