“Extra” robotic arm promises to help with everyday tasks

How about having a third robotic arm that kicks in every time you have both hands full? This innovative equipment already exists and was invented by researchers at the Advanced Institute of Science and Technology of Japan in partnership with the University of Tokyo.

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The AugLimb is a compact cybernetic limb created to help humans in everyday tasks. Attached to the user’s real arm, it can extend up to 250 millimeters in all directions and grab various types of different objects that are within your reach, such as cups, books and cutlery.

“Many robotic limb devices developed earlier are heavy and take up a lot of space. Instead, we proposed a compact device that can fold into a small volume without interrupting users’ daily activities, especially for long-term use,” explains computer professor Haoran Xie, lead author of the study.

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Wide span

Unlike other wearable robotic arms, the AugLimb has a much larger span, making it 2.5 times longer than the average length of a human’s forearm. In addition to this elasticity, it is more compact, comfortable and easier to store when not in use.

With a construction lighter and leaner, the device was designed for more fragile users, such as children, the elderly or people with physical disabilities who need more improved motor assistance to perform activities such as holding a spoon or turning the pages of a book.

“The robotic arm has seven degrees of variation and can be easily manufactured using normal 3D printers. AugLimb has a human-centric design to enhance the user experience, providing better use of their enhanced bodily capabilities,” adds Xie.

Third Arm

The AugLimb is designed to serve as a functional third arm, used to complete tasks with a significant amount of movement and object manipulation, such as for cooking or cleaning home environments. According to the researchers, it can also be used by doctors, construction workers and other professionals who perform manual activities.

AugLimb helps in everyday activities (Image: Playback/Jaist)

For now, the prototype created by Professor Xie’s team is manually controlled by human operators, but they are already working on a new version with a more advanced autonomous control system to make the device more independent, effective and responsive to user commands.

“In our future studies, we would like to explore effective ways to control AugLimb with biological information, such as muscle electromyography signals or electroencephalogram techniques that detect brain waves. We also plan to use deep learning to improve the analysis of these signals in real time,” concludes Professor Haoran Xie.

Source: Jaist

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