Meet the XPeng P5, the Chinese electric car that promises to be Tesla's terror

The Chinese automaker Xpeng has just launched another electric car that promises to rock the market in the coming months. It is the large P5 sedan, which will aim to try to take sales of models like the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord, as well as disturb competitors with the same type of propellant, such as Tesla cars, absolute success in Europe and China .

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  • For this, Xpeng has prepared an electric car product of the most attractive. In addition to being extremely technological and having the latest equipment in safety, multimedia and autonomous driving, the sedan will have privileged internal space, futuristic design and autonomy that can reach 550 kilometers in its most expensive variant. In addition, the price will be very attractive, ranging from US$ 24 thousand to US$ 34 thousand, less than the Model 3, Tesla’s cheapest.

    “With the P5, we are delivering a new level of sophistication and technological advancement for smart electric cars in China at a competitive price. We believe this is an era of intelligence and that it will redefine intelligence mobility as a whole. We now offer the best family sedan in its price range, bringing some of the most advanced driver assistance features to China’s vast and growing middle-class consumer base,” said He Xiaopeng, President and CEO from XPeng, in a statement.

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    (Image: Disclosure/XPeng)

    The automaker has not yet revealed what the power and torque of the P5 will be, but it has already informed the autonomy levels of each of the models, as well as the levels of the semi-autonomous driving package that will equip the cars, known as XPilot and which uses LiDAR sensors as the basic operating technology. These features can be upgraded and if the customer pays more so they can install the most powerful versions of the system.

    • 460G – XPilot 2.5 and 549km of autonomy
  • 89E – XPilot 3.0 and 549km
  • 549G – XPilot 2.5 and 600km
  • 550E – XPilot 3.0 and 550km
  • 600P – XPilot 3.5 and 549km
  • 600FOR – XPilot 3.5 and 550km
  • To use the LiDAR sensors and implement the entire semi-autonomous driving apparatus, XPeng says it will still need some time to carry out the map monitoring of the respective cities where the car will be launched. The company did not say, however, what level of driving the technology will deliver in the P5. In its big brother, the P7, the company even beat the record for autonomous driving, riding an incredible 3.550 kilometers.

    (Image: Disclosure/XPeng)

    Prices and availability

    The Xpeng P5 arrives on the Chinese market at the end of October for the following prices:

    • 549G: US$ 26.549
  • 460E: US$ 29.811
  • 550G: US$ 26. 550
  • 600E: US$ 31.882
  • 600P: US$ 26.34
  • 550P: US$ 34.882

    Xpeng says it can take the sedan to other markets, such as Europe and the United States. Brazil, at first, is not in the company’s plans.

    Source: Electrek

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