SpaceX May Build Starship Versions Exclusively For Space Tourism

In the night of the day 92 in September, SpaceX performed the historic launch of Inspiration4, the first fully civilian-manned mission for a three-day trip around the Earth. Even before Crew Dragon returned with its four space travelers, the company had already aroused the interest of future customers — and is considering developing spaceships exclusively for space tourism.

  • Musk shows the complex engine system that will be used in the Super Heavy
  • Inspiration4 crew had “difficulties” in using the bathroom in the space
  • Starship will take “a good number of people” to space in 5 years, says SpaceX

Inspiration4 wasn’t exactly a spacewalk. It was the first mission fully manned by civilians, in which its crew carried out a series of researches, such as the effects of gravity and space on the human body. Even so, it represented the expansion of commercial flights contracted by “common people”.

(Image: Playback/SpaceX)

During a press conference after the crew’s return, Benji Reed, Senior Director of Human Spaceflight Programs at SpaceX, said the number of people who are looking for company through the sales and marketing portals has increased significantly. “There’s a lot of interest going on right now,” added Reed.

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At the same occasion, Reed stated that the Starship ship might eventually be destined to launch tourists into space. For this, it would need to undergo a major upgrade to then handle a greater number of passengers in a single launch. “So, you know, there really are both options, and we’re interested in both Dragons and Starships, which is very exciting,” pointed out the director.

(Image: Reproduction/NASA)

SpaceX has made significant progress in vehicle development Starship, as well as its powerful Super Heavy booster, but the launch system is still far from reaching Earth’s orbit. The first orbital test would have taken place last July; however, a series of regulatory approvals and bureaucracies has not allowed the system to be launched orbitally — and perhaps, that will not happen again this year. to transport humans to space safely, but with only four crew members. A spaceship capable of housing up to 92 people is an exciting idea, but still a big challenge. Reed also added that “if there’s demand,” SpaceX can build a Crew Dragon configured for space tourism — that is, accommodating more people at once, even if that capacity isn’t as large as Starship’s potential.

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