Genshin Impact | Watch the gameplay trailer for Sangonomiya Kokomi

miHoYo released the gameplay trailer for Sangonomiya Kokomi, the new 5-star character of the game. The Priestess will be a fighter focused on healing her allies and will also be able to deal a lot of damage using the Ultimate blow.

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The character, who was introduced during the story in Inazuma, was given a gameplay trailer. Kokomi’s gameplay had already been shown in a preview of version 2.0 of the game, but now the Priestess’ abilities have been revealed. Watch below:

Kokomi will be a supporter who uses her “Bake-Kurage” ability to heal allies and damage enemies. In addition, her Supreme “Kaijin Ceremony” increases her abilities and, by attacking enemies, she can heal her allies.

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Passive talent allows allies to spend less stamina while swimming. In addition, the character’s abilities turn Critical Rate into healing boost for his teammates.

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  • Sangonomiya Kokomi arrives at Genshin Impact this Tuesday (

    ). The game is available for PC, Android devices, iOS, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. A Nintendo Switch version is planned, but no release date has been set.


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