What does FY mean in TikTok?

TikTok (Android | iOS | Web) is one of the most popular platforms when it comes to short and fun videos. With it, you can create clips of a few seconds, which can go viral among the millions of users subscribed to the app.

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Like any social network that is Please note, TikTok also has hashtags that can be crucial when a video is gaining popularity. The point is that the most used slangs are sometimes not known by everyone, especially by those who are now joining the app. For example, do you know what the hashtag #FY means and when to use it?

What does FY mean in TikTok?

The hashtag “For You” has different variations on TikTok. The most popular of them is the abbreviation “FY” (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

“FY”, “#FY”, “#FYP”. These are some examples of TikTok’s most famous hashtag, but they all mean the same thing: they’re short for For You, which in the free translation means “For You”. No wonder, this is the name of the page that groups personalized content that is more in line with your interests — that is, what you usually watch on TikTok.

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The hashtags were created by the users themselves, who saw in the “For You” tab an opportunity to promote their own contents. Although TikTok does not reveal numbers or statistics, it is through this feed that many videos end up going viral on the platform. Therefore, everyone wants to be there, although it is not a guarantee that, when using one of the hashtags, your video will appear on the personalized page of other users.

Another very widespread behavior among TikTok users use the same expressions in comments, whether in their videos or in other people’s content.

The variations are many, but the three most known and used are these: “FY “(for you) and “#FYP” ( for your page, which in Portuguese is “for the your page”).

How does TikTok’s “For You” (FY) page work?

The “For you” tab brings personalized videos based on your activity on TikTok (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

The entire TikTok is based on algorithms that display videos according to each taste. the user. However, it is precisely in the feed of the “For You” tab that these mechanisms come into action, showing content that changes as you use the platform.

TikTok does not disclose exactly what it is taken into account for a video to appear in this tab. It just says that “the system recommends content by ranking videos based on a combination of factors — starting with the interests you express as a new user and also tweaking things that you indicate you are not interested in.”

It is also known that the TikTok algorithm pays attention to everything you like, share or comment on, in addition to the people you follow and interact with. Other factors such as the country defined in the settings, language preferences and your current location are also crucial. From these actions, the custom feed takes shape.

How to appear on TikTok’s “For You” (FY) page?

The idea that using hashtags helps a video fall into this category may actually have no effect at all. Still, it was a way that TikTok users found to aggregate content within a more specific tag.

On the other hand, and that goes for anyone who wants to go viral with any video on TikTok, videos better produced are more likely to appear to a larger number of users. It doesn’t have to be very cinematic or require hours of recording — not least because TikTok videos are more laid back. But when shooting, be in a well-lit place. And don’t forget to use the editing tools that TikTok itself provides.

Another tip is to stay tuned in what’s hot on TikTok and join in the fun. Many challenges are created almost daily and, with more people joining the latest trends, you could be the next one to win thousands of views through the “For You” tab.

Other TikTok hashtags

Another two hashtags that are among the most popular of TikTok are #POV and #IB, which also have some variations (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

In addition to the aforementioned “#FY” and “#FYP”, TikTok gains new hashtags all the time. Two of them appear in the list of the most used: “#POV” and “IB”.

The tag “#POV” means point of view, or “point of view”, in Portuguese. It was created to gather videos in which the content creator speaks directly to the camera, as if he were talking face to face with the viewer.

You know those videos where the user asks a question and stays a few seconds without saying anything, just nodding while looking at you? It’s more or less in this style that the hashtag “#POV” gained popularity, giving the false impression that you are part of the video.

Meanwhile, the hashtag “#IB” is the abbreviation for

inspired by (“inspired by”, in Portuguese). The term is a solution created by TikTok users to credit an idea created by another profile. That is, when you see this tag in a post, it means that video was inspired by another user’s TikTok. So it’s always nice to give credit to the original creator and, if possible, mention it in the post.

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