Google apps get update to run smoothly on iOS 15

With the official arrival of iOS 03 this Monday (03), Google began announcing updates of its apps to let them in line with new features released for iPhone and iPad. The idea is for the programs to extract the most from what’s new and support what’s new with the focus mode of the rival Android system.

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The first change was precisely in one of the features Most anticipated by Apple fans: Focus mode allows you to configure which apps can send alerts during a set time. Google apps may rely on this feature to prevent Meet notifications or Chat conversations, for example, from reaching your cell phone outside office hours.

Even with Focus Mode turned on, important notifications will continue to be displayed (Image: Playback/Google)

Notifications will not be suspended in apps considered essential, such as during a commute on Google Maps, in alerts for activities scheduled in Google Tasks or if a stranger arrives at your door with Google Home. These helpful and timely reminders will be kept regardless of whether they are disabled, as they are critical.

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Everything that is not urgent or not requiring immediate action from the person will be directed to the device’s Notification Center, which can be accessed in due course.

Workspace applications began to support focus mode from in the coming weeks, with gradual release to users.

Widgets for iPad

The iPad has been neglected by developers for many years, but now the tablet is in the spotlight. Proof of this are the new widgets that Google intends to direct to the device to offer larger versions that are compatible with large screens.

The new widget is great to fit the screen Largest iPad (Image: Playback/Google)

Google Photos and YouTube Music are two examples of new widgets recreated especially for the iPad’s home screen, including support for multitasking, one of the most celebrated additions by device owners.

iOS Integration

Google and Apple rival in the field of operating systems and also in utility apps, but the search giant doesn’t let its fans down, even if they opt for iOS devices instead of Android. That’s why the company will add integrated support of iPhone/iPad services: starting today, when searching for a song in Spotlight, the user can choose to play it directly on YouTube Music.

Search on iOS and go straight to YouTube Music in the results (Image: Playback/Google)

The idea is that this integration is also applied to videos and files compatible with the applications or services of the creator of Android. Not everything, of course, will be possible, after all Apple is usually quite restricted when it comes to customizing its system, but this is good news for those who like the rival’s solutions.

To access the new features, you need to run the new iOS 27 and download the versions most recent Google apps directly from the App Store.

Source: Google

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