The Flash │ Director publishes photo mixing Flash uniform with old Batman

With DC Fandome just a month away, director Andy Muschietti decided to thrill fans by bringing some more details about Batman’s participation in The Flash. In a post on his Instagram profile, he showed a photo mixing the uniform of the two heroes — making clear the relationship between the characters within the plot of the new DC movie.

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  • Interestingly, Muschietti didn’t bring any description nor any dubious message that left fans wondering about the real meaning of that overlay of symbols. And it doesn’t seem to be necessary, since expectations for the Scarlet Sprinter’s feature are already so high that the game was enough to make people go crazy.

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    Even because we already know that The Flash will bring not one, but two versions of the Batman. In addition to the hero played by Ben Affleck who is part of the same universe as Ezra Miller’s Flash – and whose presence was revealed by the presence of stuntmen -, Warner herself boasted that the film will bring back Michael Keaton’s interpretation of the Dark Knight . So much so that the photo of Andy Muschietti directly alludes to the uniform worn by the actor in , with the iconic bat drawn on his chest.

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      And as much as we know that this older Batman will be on the scene, the truth is that we know little about the plot that is being prepared. The little that has been talked about so far is that Barry Allen must go back in time to prevent his mother’s death and, with that, he will mess up the DC multiverse. And it must be in this context that he will come across Bruce Wayne from Keaton, who will act as a kind of mentor for the hero.

      And it is possible that we have the first trailer for The Flash being released very soon. The movie will be one of the attractions of DC Fandome, Warner’s event dedicated to its superhero universe that takes place at the end of October, so we’re sure to have Scarlet Sprinter related news coming.

      Source: Andy Muschietti

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