Two Galaxy Flex Note face off showing fold out and S Pen

Although 2022, until now, it has been a year taken by rumors of the end of the Galaxy Note line, every day this is becoming more and more improbable. A patent has already revealed the design of a camera phone line at the S-Pen, and even insiders claim that Samsung is already designing the generation of 2021.

  • Samsung patents a cell phone with a curious detachable screen
  • Apple patents enhanced Touch ID under the screen

  • Scientists advocate AI be registered as a patent inventor

What not everyone expects is that the “Note” brand can also be used in folding. The South Korean seems really interested in focusing on innovation for these products, and the design revealed by a newly discovered patent may indicate the presence of family folding.

(Image: Samsung/Let’s Go Digital)

The models could be called Galaxy Flex Note, and would resemble the Galaxy Z family Fold at first. At least two visuals have been patented, both featuring a cell phone in common with an additional screen fragment that is hidden in the back of the cell phone. When unfolded, it becomes display extension.

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Both smartphones do not have a camera in the rear region, bringing two additional on-screen lenses that would allow users to photograph environments when the device is closed, and take selfies when open.

(Image: Samsung/Let’s Go Digital)

Of course, as we are talking about a Note product, there is the presence of S-Pen. It would be stored in a crease behind the additional screen. The connection is magnetic, so even when the screen is fully unfolded, the accessory can remain on the phone’s body.

But what about the Galaxy Z Fold?

Despite the differences in use, the cell phone could appear as an alternative to the Galaxy line Z Fold, already established in a folding market where Samsung is at the forefront. Remember that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 also made it possible to use the S-Pen, but it doesn’t have space dedicated to the pen and requires special versions of the accessory, something that could be fixed in the Galaxy Flex Note.

Therefore, it is difficult to imagine what would be Samsung’s strategy putting two Galaxy Flex Note on the market. A product patent, however, does not oblige the company to launch it. And if Samsung is willing to bring the Flex Notes to life, it can do so in the medium or long term, not necessarily in 2021.

Would it be the (unlikely) end of the Galaxy Z Fold family? A concept that will be absorbed by the main folding line? An old project that may not have more space in the company today? Only the South Korean will be able to answer these questions over time.

Source: Let’s Go Digital

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