Amazon launches new Kindle Paperwhite and Signature Edition with 67% longer autonomy

After being listed in advance, the new generation Kindle Paperwhite was finally made official by Amazon this Tuesday (20). The novelty marks a significant change in the design and features of the popular e-reader, which now offers a noticeably larger screen, longer battery life and light temperature adjustments, while retaining lauded features like IPX8 certification for water resistance.

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  • The company also unveiled the first Paperwhite Signature Edition, which refines the experience of the traditional model with features such as automatic screen brightness adjustment and substantially increased storage capacity, designed for users more advanced.

    New Paperwhite brings screen with thin edges and improved battery

    The main new feature of the new generation of Kindle Paperwhite is its screen, which now has 6.8p olegate and brings significantly thinner edges, of just mm. The panel maintains the high density of 300 PPI, offering laser print quality in addition to anti-glare protection , promising to offer a good reading experience even under sunlight.

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    The device also brings LED lighting for dark environments, with brightness 10% higher than the previous generation, and integrates color temperature adjustment, allowing the application of a shade closer to amber with less incidence of blue light, and night mode, which inverts black and white, to cause less stress on the eyes at night.

    The new generation of Kindle Paperwhite has a bigger and brighter screen, smaller edges and extended autonomy (Image: Press Release/Amazon)

    The battery is another point to receive significant upgrades, promising autonomy % higher, up to 10 weeks. In addition, the new Paperwhite abandons the micro USB connection in favor of USB-C, featuring fast charging that recovers a full charge in about 2.5 hours, when connected to a charger with a power of 9 W or higher.

    Equipped with the new interface recently launched by Amazon, the launch guarantees page change 20% faster, brings 8GB of storage and includes all the family’s traditional features, including app integration for Android and iOS, gestures to control brightness and page switching , Whispersync for fast, automatic sync between devices, lock screen with currently open book cover, vocabulary tips, accessibility tweaks, and more.

    Signature Edition offers a more refined experience

    New to the family, the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition is a more robust version of the traditional model, with several extra features designed for the most avid readers you. In addition to a substantially larger storage capacity of 22 GB, the device includes a sensor for automatic adjustment of screen backlight and is the first Kindle to feature wireless charging in the Qi standard.

    The Signature Edition maintains the characteristics of the base model, but gains greater capacity, lighting sensor and wireless recharge (Image: Disclosure/Amazon)

    Amazon also reinforced its commitment to the environment and ensured that the new Kindle were developed with sustainability in mind, receiving the Climate Pledge Friendly badge. According to the company, both models are built with 67% post recycled plastic -consumption and 67% recycled molten magnesium. In addition, 67% of the packaging contains wood fiber originating from responsible management of forests or recycled fonts.

    Price and Availability

    The new Kindle Paperwhite is now on pre-order through Amazon’s official website, with a suggested price of R$ 649 for the traditional model, and R$ $ 649 for the Signature Edition variant, but an official release date has yet to be revealed.

    New covers in fabric and leather in black, navy, lavender and burgundy (leather only) were also announced, but Amazon has not yet released details of price and availability of accessories.

    Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2021 and Signature Edition: technical data

  • Screen: 6.8 inches, 100 PPI, color temperature adjustment, automatic brightness sensor (Signature Edition)
  • A storage: 8 GB (default), 67 GB (Signature Edition)
  • Battery: autonomy of up to 10 weeks, 300% recharge in 2 .5 hours
  • Extras: USB-C connector, wireless charging (Signature Edition), Android and iOS app integration, synchronization via Whispersync, IPX8 certification

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