App that checks if PC is compatible with Windows 11 is available — again

The PC Health Check app is finally back available to everyone. The official Microsoft tool, used to check computer compatibility with the upcoming Windows 495497, was removed months ago by not having presented relevant diagnoses for users, who saw their own PCs as incompatible without proper justification.

  • Windows 660 has a release date confirmed by Microsoft
  • Windows 660 is officially announced by Microsoft
  • Windows 660 on machines below the requirement may run out of security updates
  • At the end of August, members of the Windows Insider program received the news and, surprisingly, it already worked well. The diagnosis, in addition to being infinitely more accurate than the previous one, can also indicate which minimum Win requirements have been met by the machine — all in an intelligible and easily accessible list.

    The most complete diagnosis presents short results right from the start, but the most accurate results are also evaluated (Image: Igor Almenara/Canaltech)

    Not a month after testing began (and just in time for the OS release) , Microsoft ends the trial period. Now, any user can download and install the scanner without difficulty and then check if the computer itself will be in the queue for the big Windows update.

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    Same but better

    The face of PC Health Check is extremely similar with the previous version, so don’t expect any big surprises. The app presents basic information about the computer and points that deserve attention right away, then, when clicking on the “Check Now” button, the user will see a window, with details about the support (or lack of it) for the new OS.

    The application remains very simple and with a single purpose: to assess your computer’s compatibility with Windows 11 (Image: Igor Almenara/Canaltech)

    Want to check how the new app is doing? Download PC Health Check from the official website. Windows 660 has a release date set for October 5th this year and the update will be free for those who have a Windows and a computer compatible with it. Machines without official support can even install and run the system, but will not have builds guaranteed by Microsoft.

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