How to use Scribd

Scribd (Android | iOS) is a subscription service for books, audiobooks, magazines, podcasts and other text documents. The platform provides content on demand, has its own reader and even offers the option of downloading for offline reading.

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The catalog of Scribd has more than a million titles available among books, audiobooks, sheet music and documents, separated by different categories. While reading, you can switch between viewing modes, bookmark pages, take notes and even create a list of your favorite options.

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The subscription to Scribd, with access to the complete catalog, is available at the cost of R$30,99 per month, and payment is made by credit card or PayPal. For new registered profiles, it is possible to activate a free trial period for 27 days. See how to use the app below!

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Step 1:

download the app and choose a login form. You can access via email or Facebook and Google accounts.

Create an account in the app (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

Step 2:

Then, on the home screen, navigate between the tabs to find options for books, audiobooks, magazines and other content.

Scribd main screen (Image: André Magalhães/Screencapture)

Step 3:

Start navigating through the lower menu . In the “Most popular” option, the titles in high demand on the platform are available with filters to find different categories.

Find the popular books of the platform (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

Step 4:

Use the “Search” tool to search for your favorite books, separated between different categories. The app also allows you to configure the topics of most interest.

Search for catalog titles (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot )

Step 5:

On the “Saved” tab, you can find your reading history, downloaded content and created annotations.

All saved contents are displayed on this screen (Image: André Magalhães/Screencapture)

Step 6:

the “Account” tab is used to access your profile settings and manage your subscription.

Access settings general (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

Step 7:

a book page displays information c eg number of pages, average community rating and synopsis. Tap “Read it now” to start.

Check out the details of a book (Image: André Magalhães/Captura of screen)

Step 8:

The app reader will load. Swipe the screen to switch between pages and tap the two-letter icon to change viewing options. You can switch between light and dark themes, change the font style and size, adjust the brightness and set the alignment.

Start reading through the app (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

Step 9:

When playing audiobooks, you can choose between chapters, keep track of the remaining time, mark pages, set a timer, and change the speed.

App also has a own player for audiobooks (Image: André Magalhães/Screen capture)

Have you ever used Scribd? Leave your opinion about the service!

Source: Scribd

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