Batman's new armor brings “cousins” from Wolverine's claws

Although DC’s new magazine in the United States is called I Am Batman, the first issue brought a very familiar scene to fans of a certain Marvel hero. In the story, who assumes the mantle of the Dark Knight is Jayce Fox, son of the executive Lucius Fox, and he wears an armor with a new dart.

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  • The uniform features gloves that unlock retractable bats used by Jayce to hit some criminals. When the weapons come out, they emit a “sound” (ie an onomatopoeia) written as shhhk. The combination of noise and hand movement is very reminiscent of the snikt, a classic movement caused by the unsheathing of Wolverine’s claws .

    Scene from I Am Batman #1 (Image: Reproduction/DC)

    Of course, there are still differences: the new bats don’t have blades or tips, so they can be used non-lethally by the new Batman. Anyway, the idea of ​​writer John Ridley and artist Olivier Coipel is to give a more bad boy look to Batman, and nothing more effective to reinforce this than borrowing a classic tic from another famous comic book tough guy.

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In I Am Batman, the new uniform brings other tricks like a non-newtonian fluid layer , which according to the explanation, is a thinner version of kevlar but which can withstand strong attacks; a hood that covers the mouth with a military-grade biohazard filter that protects from gases; and a utility belt with disposable phones, for communication without the new hero being tracked.

Source: ScreenRant

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