Google is once again accused of Android monopoly, now in India

After an investigation that started in

, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) accuses Google of abusing its dominant position in the mobile operating system market in the country. According to the process report, the company inhibits competitiveness and innovation by imposing unilateral contracts on device manufacturers and application developers.

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  • Cell phone creators have to subscribe to a agreement that Android apps and services are pre-installed on your devices. In these negotiations, Google offers profitable revenue sharing, which makes partners prefer to maintain an ecosystem of branded services and applications.

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    This action affects the competitors in the search segment, as the Google Search app is placed on the home screen of all devices using the Android operating system. This prevents competitors from overcoming the company’s competitive advantage.

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    The unilateral contracts imposed by Google ensure that the consumer uses the company’s products and services — and it maintains its dominance. If convicted, the company may have to abandon practices that the CCI deems anti-competitive.

    Other proceedings

    Google faces antitrust investigations in various parts of the world — such as the US, Europe, Japan and South Korea. South Korea fined the company $177 millions for blocking custom versions of Android.

    In a statement to Android Central, the company reports that Android has enabled millions of Indian citizens to connect to the internet by making mobile devices cheaper. “We want to demonstrate to CCI that Android has led to more competitiveness and innovation, not less.”

    Source: Android Central

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