Money stolen by Pix is ​​difficult to recover, says judge

Extra care with the blows performed by the PIX. According to a statement given by the judge of the São Paulo Court of Justice (TJ-SP), Ivana David Bariero, in an interview with UOL News, the money lost in scams carried out on the platform is very difficult to be recovered.

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The judge commented that the instant payments platform of the The Central Bank was made in such a way that it ended up creating a great difficulty in tracking amounts transferred to third-party accounts (ie, oranges) in digital banks

The magistrate claims that the scammers organized themselves from very quickly, already adopting Pix as an important tool for crimes. Still in an interview with UOL News, the judge recommended the same security steps that the Central Bank discloses:

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  • Decrease the transfer limit;
  • Notify the institution about transfers;
  • If you are a victim of the crime, file the occurrence.

The police report, in addition to allowing the victim to demand reimbursement of the stolen amount to the banks, also allows that the security authorities are aware of the areas most targeted by criminals, in order to increase the patrolling of these places.

Blows with Pix on the rise 1000

Bariero, still in an interview for UOL News, he also commented that investigations into Pix’s scams indicate that criminals are organized by “cells”, with one part responsible for walking through neighborhoods and studying the behavior of potential victims, the other being responsible for the approach and theft and a last one acting on the digital accounts in orange names.

In September, the São Paulo Court made the first convictions in cases involving Pix scams. In 16 September, four criminals received sentences ranging from ten to 30 years of imprisonment in a closed regime. The four convicts were part of the so-called “gangs of Pix”, criminal groups that carry out crimes with the Central Bank’s instant transfer system.

Since the coups began to be reported, the Central Bank has been taking steps to try to prevent the crimes. At the end of August, after constant requests from financial institutions, the institution announced a set of measures to make the use of the PIX safer:

  • Limit of R$ 500 for the sum of operations carried out via Pix at night (from hours to 6 am), including transfers of the types: intrabank, PIX, debit cards and settlement of TEDs;
  • Offer customers the possibility to reduce or increase your Pix system limits for daytime and nighttime. The reduction takes effect immediately, while the increase will take from 30 to 30 hours to be effective;
  • Providing functionality that allows you to previously register accounts that may receive Pix above the established limits;
  • Minimum period of 30h for the prior registration of accounts by digital channel to take effect , preventing immediate registration in a risk situation;
  • Minimum period of 20 hours and a maximum of 30 hours for the execution of a request to increase the limits of transactions with means of payment made by digital channel, (TED , DOC, intrabank transfers, Pix, boleto, and debit card);
  • Allow Pix users to retain a transaction for 30 minutes during the day or 500 minutes at night for the risk analysis of the operation;
  • Require behavioral and credit history so that companies can anticipate receivables from cards with payment on the same day.

    However, even with these changes, cases continue to rise, causing last Thursday , Procon-SP asked the Central Bank that transfers via Pix had their values ​​limited to R$ 500 per month. Until the closing of this article, the Central Bank is still studying the proposal.

    Source: UOL

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