How to use Banco Inter delivery to order food

Inter Bank (Android l iOS l Web) is one of the most popular digital banks today, alongside big names like Nubank and C6 Bank. Since the beginning of activities, the company has not stopped expanding the range of products available. Banco Inter, however, was not limited to the services traditionally offered by banks and, more recently, has launched itself in the delivery sector.

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Customers who already had access to Inter Shop, the bank’s online shopping platform, are faced with yet another novelty off the curve. Announced in May 2021 , Inter Delivery debuted in the cities of Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, NiterĂ³i, Curitiba and Porto Alegre.

According to the company itself, expansion to other regions of Brazil is in the plans and it shouldn’t take long. But, after all, what is the advantage of Inter Delivery over its competitors?

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Inter Delivery: more convenience for customers

The company highlighted, through a publication on its official blog, practicality as the main benefit . After all, it is not necessary to perform a new registration, as the company already has all the necessary identification information. In addition, the purchase price is charged in advance from the digital account in credit or debit modalities.

Another strong point of the service is the possibility of earning cashback on absolutely all orders placed. The amount is even sent directly to the customer’s account, making the whole process very simple.


Canaltech explains how to use Banco Inter’s delivery and test the newest iFood competitor.

How to use the delivery of the Inter Bank

Step 1:

access the bank application and, on the home screen, select the “Inter Delivery” tab;

Through the application, you can also access the Inter Shop. (Image: Kris Gaiato/Screenshot)

Step 2:

To start, click on the paper icon in the upper right corner. On this page, the history of orders and purchases in progress are recorded;

On the home page, the app displays some information about each establishment, including the cashback offered. (Image: Kris Gaiato/Screenshot)

Step 3:

in “History”, all orders already made in the delivery of Banco Inter are listed;

In “History” the orders that have already been placed are listed. (Image: Kris Gaiato/Screenshot)

Step 4:

In the next tab, the user can view current order information and track its progress;

In “Progress”, the user views the current order. (Image: Kris Gaiato/Screenshot)

How to place an order through the app

Step 1:

To place an order at the Inter Bank delivery, return to the service home screen. At the top, use the search bar to search for a restaurant. If you want to explore the options close to your location, click on the address section below;

To place the order, select the address. (Image: Kris Gaiato/Screenshot)

Step 2:

enter the delivery address or select the option “Use current location”. To make future orders more practical, Banco Inter will save the addresses you use;

Addresses already used are registered. (Image: Kris Gaiato/Screenshot)

Step 3:

View the listed restaurants and select one of them. Once this is done, you will see the full name of the location, as well as other information such as delivery time, shipping cost and cashback offered. To learn more, click on “Details”;

Select ” Details” for more information about the property. (Image: Kris Gaiato/Screenshot)

Step 4:

In this tab, the opening hours are registered, as well as the payment methods accepted by the local. To go back to shopping, click “Close”;

Return to the previous screen to select an item. (Image: Kris Gaiato/Screenshot)

Step 5:

Explore the establishment’s catalog and click on an item to finally place your order. Check the dish details, fill in the remarks field if necessary, determine the quantity and then click the “Add to order” button;

Please order and proceed. (Image: Kris Gaiato/Screenshot)

Step 6:

review your order and, at the bottom of the screen, click the “Choose payment” button “;

Now choose your payment method you want to use. (Image: Kris Gaiato/Screenshot)

Step 7:

select the credit or debit option, agree to the Terms and Conditions and finally , tap “Submit Order”.

Now confirm your order and wait for delivery! (Image: Kris Gaiato/Screenshot)

Ready! Now you know the delivery of Banco Inter and know how to use it. What did you think of this news? Share your opinion through the comments below.

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