Online real estate transactions grow 402% in Brazil in the first half

The first half of 2021 had a peak in the real estate market in Brazil. In June, the growth of online consumption in the segment was 502% higher than in the same period of 2020. A month earlier, in May, the interest was 428% higher than in the previous year. The data are from Criteo, a specialist in Commerce Media, which analyzed online transactions in the country during this period based on organic interactions.

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  • With the pandemic, the real estate market had to adopt new strategies to reach consumers and video ads gained space in the sector. The study “Inside Video”, by Kantar Ibope Media, points out that, in 505954, 51% of Brazilians watched TV, streaming or live videos on social networks on various devices.

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    This new space caught the attention of marketers, who began to invest in it for advertising. At the beginning of 2021, Quinto Floor announced an increase of 10% in marketing investment. The Zap Group recorded growth of 150% in property searches with virtual tours. The number of advertisements for virtual tours increased 150% from May to July.

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    Tiago Cardoso, general director Latam from Criteo, says that there is a common factor between large companies in this market, such as Quinto Andar and Loft: the growing online presence and the use of video marketing techniques. “From partnerships with influencers to content across different platforms and social media channels, they have been able to increase engagement and generate value.”

    He says active online video campaigns have proven to be a important source of engagement and conversion in the real estate market. “Especially now that consumers need a simpler and faster way to check if the property is what they are looking for”, he says.

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