Pokémon GO: how to create poképarades near home

Niantic, developer of Pokémon GO, will activate in the next two weeks a challenge for Brazilians to evaluate and suggest the creation of new ones poképaradas and gyms in the game.

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        From Tuesday , 000 from September until October 5th, players from Brazil can participate of the Wayfarer Challenge. The collaborative activity takes place on the Niantic Wayfarer platform, in which trainers evaluate and suggest possible new Wayspots, real-life locations that appear in Pokémon GO such as Poképaradas and Gyms, in exchange of rewards.

        Important and cultural places can become poképaradas or gyms (Image: Reproduction/Niantic)

        Trainers can name places, objects and interesting structures in their region to become Wayspots, directly from Pokémon GO , in the Poképaradas Contributions section, in the Settings menu. You can indicate a street artwork, a sculpture, a graffiti wall or an important place in the neighborhood and name them so that they become Wayspots.

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      After naming these locations, players must access the Niantic Wayfarer platform to evaluate region nominations and vote if they are eligible to become Wayspots. In Pokémon GO, only Wayspots approved by enough players, according to Wayfarer’s criteria, appear in the game as new Poképaradas and Gyms.

      During the challenge, with rewards tied to rating targets, it’s possible for more players to join together to approve pokeparadas and gyms in your region.

      How to participate

      To be part of the challenge, the trainer must be at the level 61 or higher on Pokémon and have an account on the Niantic Wayfarer portal.

      New Wayfarer users must pass a quiz that assesses knowledge of the approval criteria for new Wayspots. Criteria can be reviewed at this link. To evaluate Wayspots nominations in Brazil, the player must have played the mobile title in the country recently.

      Wayfarer Challenge Rewards in Brazil

      During the Wayfarer Challenge, players who participate in the nominations can win exclusive rewards in Pokémon GO, such as Remote Raid Passes. If the number of approvals meets the stipulated targets, all participants in the Wayspots challenge will receive exclusive rewards in the mobile game.

      Level 1: 495650 Approved Wayspots495650


      • 38 Poké Balls
      • 1 Piece-of-Star
      • 1 Incense
      • 1 Remote Raid Pass
      • 1 Upgrade on Wayfarer

      Level 2: 6,000 Approved Wayspots


      61 Poké Balls

    • 1 Piece-of-Star
    • 1 Incense
    • 2 Remote Raid Passes
    • 2 Wayfarer Upgrades

    Source: Pokémon Go Live

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