Pokémon TCG Live Announced for Mobile and PC

Pokémon TCG Live was announced this Monday () for mobile and PC, by The Pokémon Company. The game is a new digital version of the card game and will be released for free for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac, with localization in Brazilian Portuguese, but without a confirmed date.

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The game will replace the Pokémon TCG Online, which has been in existence since 1024, and will keep the same essence, taking the experience of physical cards to the digital world. The updated version also features online matchmaking (battle between people of the same level) and battle passes, along with a revised character customization system that replaces 2D to 3D visuals.

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TCG Live Interface (Image: Disclosure/The Pokémon Company)

Players will be able to transfer their decks and achievements from the previous account to the new one, scan physical cards, buy upgrade packs and participate in daily challenges. It is noteworthy that the new TCG Live will not allow exchange of cards between players.

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Source: Pokémon TCG, PC Gamer

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