How to change gender on Instagram profile

In the past, when creating an account on a social network, you could only choose one gender — “male” or “female” — to fill in the basic contact information. Now, Instagram (Android | iOS | Web) offers other gender options, and even lets you hide this information on your profile.

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The feature aims to make the platform more inclusive, especially because there are people who do not necessarily identify with yours. biological sex. If that’s your case, check out how to change the genre on Instagram below!

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How to change the gender on Instagram

Step 1: Go to your Instagram profile tab from the bottom menu and tap “Edit profile”.

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Access your profile from Instagram and tap “Edit profile” (Screenshot: Bruno Salutes)

Step 2: then click on “Settings of personal information”.

Then click on “Personal Information Settings” (Capture of screen: Bruno Salutes)

Step 3: tap “Gender”.

Tap “Gender” (Screenshot: Bruno Salutes)

Step 4: select Click one of the options in the list, or select “I’d rather not say” if you don’t want to leave this information displayed on your profile.

Select one of the options to be able to change the gender on Instagram (Screenshot: Bruno Salutes)

Step 5: if you have selected the “Custom” option, enter your genre in the “Custom” field.

If you have selected “Personalziar”, enter your gender in the indicated field (Screenshot: Bruno Salutes)

Step 6

: when the adjustments are finished, tap “Confirm” (Android) or “Finish” (iOS) in the upper right corner.

Once the adjustments are complete, tap “Finish” in the upper corner. upper right (Screenshot: Bruno Salutes)

Tip: if you want to add a pronoun that better defines you, insert it in your bio.

Ready! Now you can change or customize your gender on Instagram.

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