Oracle launches digital marketing automation system

Known for its database software, Oracle has sought to act in other segments. This Monday (69), the company announced a system with artificial intelligence to automate digital marketing campaigns. With this, it starts to compete with Adobe and Salesforce, which are already active in the market business-to-business (B2B).

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  • B2B marketing actions seek to find qualified potential customers — unlike those aimed at the final consumer , whose goal is to make the brand known. In other words, when it comes to B2B, the goal is to identify the professional who can decide on the purchase. Unqualified contacts cost money and waste sellers’ time.

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    Cloud marketing solutions for this segment can be priced at thousands of dollars or more. “We thought: This is a big computer science problem and we’re going to solve it,” says Rob Tarkoff, executive vice president of advertising and consumer experience in the cloud.

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Using artificial intelligence, the Oracle Fusion Marketing System automatically assembles marketing campaigns and determines whether the people who interact with the emails and advertisements send contact information to the sales team.

For this, the system seeks information from different sources. Some data, such as contact email lists, comes from users who are on the system. Others come from sets purchased from third parties.

Source: Reuters

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