Oracle works to make its virtual machines compatible with Windows 11

After conflicts between the new Windows update 11 and the VirtualBox VM software virtual machines, Oracle confirmed that it will make adjustments to suit the operating system requirements. In an interview with TechRadar, a company spokesperson stated that the developers are already working on a TPM 2.0 emulation feature, which will allow the normal execution of the Microsoft system.

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  • No date was stipulated for the release of the new version, but the idea is that it will be made available before or with the official arrival of Windows 15, scheduled for October 5th. Oracle also said to develop a new driver to work as a kind of workaround, in order to ensure compatibility with the TPM without the physical computer necessarily meeting the requirement.

    Virtual machines were prevented from upgrading to recent version of Windows 11 (Image: XatakaWindows/Twitter)

    Last week, Microsoft released an update for Windows which caused inconvenience to those who run the system in virtual machines. People who had the program installed would have to be limited to the current version, as the company would have tightened the requirements to run the new system, which would obviously put users at risk.

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    On Twitter, several manifestations of users in the official Windows Insider profile post revealed compatibility issues with Oracle’s VMWare, although other manufacturers have also faced difficulties. Reports such as update failures, conflicts with audio components and other bugs have been reported in the thread.

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    Enclosure closed for the TPM

    Recently, Microsoft had already said that Windows 11 will only be compatible with machines, including virtual ones, that support TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot, as a way to guarantee the integrity of the devices. This is in line with predictions that the company would release these requirements in exchange for a larger user base.

    Microsoft had already warned that it would suspend updates if the requirements were not met (Image: Reproduction/Microsoft)

    Currently, only a few VM services meet the requirements needed to run the latest version. Microsoft has confirmed that the build has made an adjustment to align the application with Windows system requirements on virtual machines (VMs) to be the same as on physical PCs. In Hyper-V, VMs need to be created as a 2nd generation VM. “Running Windows on VMs in other virtualization products from vendors such as VMware and Oracle will continue to work as long as the hardware requirements are met,” explained the company in an official statement.

    It remains to be seen whether Oracle’s solution will be viable and accepted by Microsoft or whether it would be a mere palliative to circumvent momentary security, something users would certainly not be satisfied with.

    Source: TechRadar, VirtualBox, Windows Insider Blog

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