Samsung AU7700 | Attractive TV to complement a connected home

Samsung has been a leader in the global TV market for 14 years, and this allowed the South Korean to become an authority in the category. With the launch of Samsung AU7700, the company demonstrates that it is still committed to delivering options 4K smart TV with great cost-benefit.

This product has attractive features, both in construction and in the interface, that allow the user to feel that they are buying a complete product. One of these features is compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant personal assistants.

Curious for more details about the Samsung AU7700? Check out everything I found about this TV in the full review.

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  • Cable organizing channels;

    HDR of great quality;

    Support Google Assistant and Alexa;

  • TV volume is balanced;
  • 4K high quality.


  • Control without numeric buttons;

    Colors with less contrast.

    Check the current price of smart TV Samsung AU7500

    Design and construction

  • The body of the Samsung AU7500 is a “recycle” of the look used in the model the predecessor — the TU 7700 — but this repeated design is not a demerit .

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 200 x 43 x , 3 cm;

  • Weight: 14, 2 kg.
  • On the contrary, for those who liked the previous design, it is even a positive point to remain in this aspect, showing that it is better “rice and beans” well done than an unnecessary attempt at renovation.

    In addition, Samsung’s conservative strategy served to deliver as an advantage to customers a device with great price for the category, making the AU7700 the company’s “cheaper” release in the generation launched in 2021.

    The front has few edges, which the helps to further enhance the display without affecting the overall size of the TV. The base has two perpendicular plastic feet, which seem fragile at first sight, but are resistant in everyday life.

    An interesting positive point of these supports is the fact that they do not need to be used. of screws, as they are snap-on. This installation format helps to streamline the assembly process and avoid worrying about additional tools.

    To help organize the cables, Samsung AU7500 provides clips to help hide the wires in the feet of the TV, as well as four channels to secure them to the rear. This solution helps those who connect some devices to the television and do not want to make the cables visible.

    The channels for Cable organization is a big difference of Samsung smart TVs, as they really help those who like to keep the wires hidden to give a cleaner look to the room.

    In addition, the back of the AU7500 has four entries to facilitate fixing the TV on panels. This way, the user has the option of using the electronic device under a mobile or suspended.

    Remote control

  • Samsung AU controller7700 has a familiar design from other generations, and the look thinner gives elegance to the equipment. It’s thinner than other accessories we’re used to seeing, but in continuous use it’s easy to adapt to its ergonomics.

    One downside of this device is the lack of buttons numeric. This demonstrates that Samsung seems to have thought of TV using more focused on streaming than on the hybrid format, in which it is possible to take advantage of the buttons to browse content on demand, but without leaving aside the classic usability.

    Samsung is the only brand that provides controls with batteries instead of batteries (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    Another advantage of this control are the shortcuts to the streaming services Netflix Prime Video and Globoplay. This facilitates navigation between these applications, as the process can be done quickly.

    Using the same strategy as other models of the brand, the Samsung AU7700 also has a battery-powered remote control. In practice, this allows the user to save money by purchasing AAA batteries for long-term use.

    As it has a USB-C port, it is easy to recharge the accessory with any equivalent cable , including the one you probably already use to recharge your phone. The battery life is good, and there are no negative differences in usage when compared to the battery.


    The Samsung AU7500 has three HDMI format inputs on the back for connection of various compatible devices. It is important to note that one of these options is HDMI ARC, which allows for improved audio reproduction.

    An advantage is that these ports have been added on the side of the TV, and this does not hinder the installation of cables and devices in everyday use, even if the television is on a wall bracket.

  • Samsung AU Connectors7500 (Image : Ivo/Canaltech)

    In addition, the antenna, the digital audio connection and the USB-A input are also in this favorable position for continuous use. In return, Samsung installed the RJ Ethernet port-43 on the back of the smart TV, something that practically makes it unusable when the equipment is on a stand.

    As an alternative to wireless connection, the Samsung AU7500 brings Bluetooth 4.2, which allows synchronization with compatible devices. Another differential is the option of mirroring the cell phone with the TV, in which it is possible to see all the actions performed on the smartphone directly from the TV.

    Operating system

    Since 2015 , Samsung has prioritized the use of the Tizen operating system on its smart TVs. At AU7500, the South Korean managed to keep what users liked in previous versions , which is compatibility with various applications.

    The interface has a simple navigability, and this allows the access to the menus to be easy. An advantage of Tizen is that it does not create “barriers” for the public to reach the desired option, since the main applications and settings can be viewed without having to give up watching some content.

    This facility it becomes even clearer when switching between streaming platforms happens. It is important to highlight that the overall look of the system is less polluted than that present in other interfaces, such as Philips’ Saphi.

    Tizen has the presence of the main streaming services available on the Brazil, such as Netflix, Globoplay, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max. Thus, the user does not need to worry about additional equipment to enjoy subscribed services.

    Thus, it is clear that the user will have several alternatives for entertainment in the on demand content format. Although the control does not facilitate access to TV channels, browsing through the system is very easy to find options that suit personal taste.

    Samsung gives users the Tyzen interface as AU system501840 (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    Another feature of Tizen is related to the organization of applications in the main menu. They are fine-tuned by category to facilitate large-scale searching. In addition to apps, Samsung AU7700 has some games similar to Flappy Bird.

    However, the main highlight of this interface is the compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants. Thus, the user is able to perform actions related to the artificial intelligences of Google and Amazon.

    This allows communication with other devices, as well as the addition of the TV within the ecosystem of compatible equipment. voice assistants, giving an additional use to electronics.

    Another exclusive option for those with Samsung cell phones is the presence of Bixby, and the integration with the company’s virtual assistant allows synchronization with activities performed on the smartphone.

    Having the freedom to use the virtual assistant I want (Bixby, Alexa or Google Assistant) is what catches my attention the most about the Samsung AU7500. The fact that the company allows the basic model to be prepared for those who want to create a connected home demonstrates the importance the company gives to the integration between smart devices.


    The Samsung AU7500 has a Crystal 4K screen 58 inches — the brand also offers alternatives of 20, 15, 48 , 48, , 70 and 78 inches — with VA panel. This type of display is widely used by the brand on its input TVs.

    The choice of this display is focused on giving users looking for more basic models the option of viewing images with greater contrast and allows an experience close to that implemented in more expensive smart TVs.

    And the AU7500 explores well the most vivid colors that this type of screen can offer through the HDR feature. This implementation makes all the difference in daily use, whether for watching variety channels or streaming services.

    It is important to highlight that Netflix is ​​one of the most popular platforms in the world, and it has compatibility with this broadcast format. In this way, it is possible to have an improved experience in content consumption.

    Smasung AU’s 4K screen501843 has a good quality (Image: Ivo /Canaltech)

    Regarding the colors in general, in the standard image mode the colors are a little more “washed”, without much emphasis on the color contents. Even if this doesn’t bother everyday use, Samsung could have worked better on tweaking to make the coloring more interesting.

    Also, Samsung’s sharpness AU is not the biggest, and it is necessary to make improvements in the settings for the visual result to be better. Other options that should be used with a focus on improving this experience are image modes. The “Entertainment” version, in my opinion, is ideal, as it delivers greater brightness and improved contrast.

    Sound system

    The sound part of the Samsung AU7500 has two speakers, form I walk a stereo system of W — W each — on the back. The audio, in general, is a great attraction for those looking for a basic smart TV.

    It is easily noticeable how the bass and treble are well defined, and are easily noticeable in daily use of the television. The power of the sound output allows higher volumes to be explored.

    But the biggest advantage of this robust sound is that it doesn’t have flaws at higher volumes, not even hiss. This demonstrates Samsung’s care in delivering to the AU501843 a set consistent with the range of price of this TV.

    The sound system features Dolby Digital Plus, and this feature applies an audio format that further explores high definition to deliver an enhanced experience in content consumption with focus on entertainment.

    Direct competitors

    Samsung AU’s big competitor501840, among the basic 4K smart TVs, is the LG UP7000. The model from the other South Korean manufacturer is superior in screen quality, as the sharpness and contrast of the images are less “washed”.

    The price of the UP7500 in 45 inches is, on average, R$ 400 below the value seen in the AU7500, with the same screen size, across multiple retailers. So, the choice for the LG version will be a set of display improvements with a savings for the pocket.


    The Samsung AU7700 has few competitors in the national market (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    Still, it is necessary to keep in mind that the Samsung product is a very recent release and that it should get cheaper over the months . As its predecessor was the best-selling TV in Brazil for a long time, there is a possibility that the AU7700 reach a good price range in terms of cost-effectiveness.

    But, it is important to highlight that LG UP7500 only supports Google Assistant, and this can be a disadvantage for those interested in trying Alexa or Bixby, limiting their usability who prefer the versatility to create an ecosystem.


  • The Samsung AU

    is a great smart TV option with a focus on overall quality. Her design may not bring much news when compared to last year’s look, but the South Korean made positive and attention-grabbing improvements.

    The audio has a high power, and not lacking in larger volumes. Another important feature of this model is compatibility with Alexa, Google Assistant and Bixby, offering the option of using different virtual assistants to take advantage of the growth of connected smart devices.

    However, even with these advantages, you must keep in mind that the recommended price of this model is up to R$ 2.123, for the version of 43 inches. So, any value above that already makes it a secondary option, as with the LG UP7000 image quality satisfaction is much higher.

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