LG OLED CX Review | The TV made for anyone who is a fan of impeccable images

LG is the biggest reference in the Brazilian market in the category of smart OLED TVs. For this reason, the LG OLED model 45 CX keeps getting attention, even though it’s a release of 1024.

Among the highlights of this 4K TV are the image quality, the features focused on the gamer audience that already has the next generation consoles — PS5 and Xbox Series X — in addition to compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Was interested to know if the quality can be compensated by the price a little too salty for the public’s taste here in Brazil ? Check out my opinion in the full review.

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  • Images with good contrast;

    Excellent sharpness;

  • Compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant;
  • Very interesting bass in Ultra Surround mode;

    Control with many features.


  • Sound fails when switching modes;

  • Time needed to turn on the TV.
  • Check the current price of the smart TV LG OLED CX

    Construction and design

    At first glance, the LG OLED CX is quite surprising for its ultra-thin format, as the company managed to u leave the TV with extremely discreet edges, practically invisible. Thus, it is necessary to be extra careful when handling the television, especially when taking it out of the box.

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 120, 8 x 34, 9 x 67, 8 cm (with the base);

    Weight : , 9 kg (without base); 18 kg (with base).

    Before unpacking For smart TV, you must follow the safety instructions on the box to ensure that the equipment will not be damaged. Installation of the base also requires special attention, as the fact that the TV is heavy can interfere with handling, even if there are two people performing the process.

    However, it is important to highlight that this support is essential for the LG OLED CX to remain stable in any piece of furniture, as the weight of the base serves to balance the load on the electronics. As Thanos would say: balance is everything!

    This base is divided into two parts, the main one being on the back to allow for the necessary support, and even provides an area to keep the hidden and organized wires. It is all in brushed plastic, a material that imitates metal accessories well.

    In front is the bar — with the model of the television printed in a discreet way — which serves to complement the base of this smart TV. This way, the user has a more elegant look when looking at the OLED CX.

    A feature of this TV that can be considered a defect is related to the power cable, as it is not removable . This goes against something that most LG models and competing manufacturers do.

    Ultra-thin screen from LG OLED CX (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    Another point that can really bother those who like to organize the wires is the placement of the physical connections. They are on the opposite side of the power cord, and this makes it necessary to position the additional wires at an opposite angle to be attached to the TV organizer, something that can affect their durability.

    The LG OLED CX is one of the most beautiful smart TVs I’ve ever had the opportunity to use. The ultra-slim format is attractive for those who like to have a room with a more minimalist look.

    Remote Control

    The remote control is an attractive complement to the LG OLED CX, as the South Korean managed to keep several buttons, allowing the user to have the freedom to navigate between various functions.

    It’s not heavy, but the body is a little more robust than most are used to, hampering ergonomics. The fact that it is connected to the TV via Bluetooth is a facilitator in everyday life, as there is no need to worry about keeping the infrared signal source always visible to access the desired resources.

    Also called Smart Magic, the equipment is very interesting for users who enjoy versatile navigation. That’s because the accessory offers access to different options, as well as shortcuts to Netflix and Prime Video streaming services.

    The LG OLED CX has Smart Magic remote control via Bluetooth (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    An interesting curiosity about this equipment it’s in the fact that the shortcut to the Amazon platform also serves to activate the Alexa personal assistant, which is present in the TV interface.

    Other features of the Smart Magic controller are the scroll button that mimic the present on a mouse — the famous scroll — and the possibility of navigating between menus by controlling the directional arrow by movement.

    This attribute makes the remote control comparable to a “wand” magic”, and gives meaning to the nomenclature “Magic”. Although this aspect makes all the difference in daily use, it is necessary to have patience and motor coordination to give up using the directional arrows.


    The LG OLED CX also draws attention by the number of useful connections applied to it. There are four HDMI 2.1 inputs — one on the rear and three on the side — supporting devices that play 4K content at 80 Hz.

    This feature makes all the difference for those who want to buy or already own the new generation consoles, be it the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X, which require a little more power from smart TVs to play games at the maximum supported quality.

    The LG OLED CX has HDMI 2.1 inputs (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    One of the HDMI inputs still works with the ARC format, and this makes it possible to streaming audio in higher quality to compatible devices. In addition, there are three USB 2.0 ports, optical audio input, digital antenna access and RJ-internet connection-34.

    Bluetooth 5.0 is the main wireless connection present on the LG OLED CX, as it allows the use of Smart Magic control, as well as the synchronization of various equipment that are adapted to this technology.

    Operating system

    WebOS is the operating system implemented on the LG OLED CX. The Linux-based interface — like the Saphi used by Philips — brings several features to deliver complete navigability in daily use.

    The layout is cleaner in the shortcut menu and offers several options applications that can be enjoyed quickly, as the system responds quickly to commands. An important feature of WebOS is the focus it gives to the content.

    This is because, while the user is looking for app options, it is possible to continue watching what is being broadcast. In daily use, this convenience prevents the person from entering another navigation area where it is not possible to continue consuming something before choosing a new schedule.

    This overlapping of resources is valid for anyone searches for apps, accesses settings options, and even performs TV searches. In this way, LG demonstrates that viewing content is something to be done continuously, regardless of additional actions in progress.

    The only time that this synchronization between menu and content does not happen is when entering on the LG Content Store. This is the app store present in WebOS, and in it there are several platform options that can be downloaded to add value to the user experience.

    LG OLED CX has WebOs 5.1 with several features and applications (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    Although Android TV is the most complete system in smart TVs, WebOS manages to have a good compensation for those interested in taking advantage of the streaming service options available in Brazil.

    LG continually updates the operating system and, for this reason, you can easily find platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Star+, Disney+, Apple TV+, HBO Max, Globoplay and more. Android TV does have more apps, but you will rarely miss anything new in streaming on the LG platform. with Alexa and Google Assistant personal assistants. In this way, it is possible to control various equipment adaptable to these technologies, as well as activate all the commands they support.

    Another option is the brand’s artificial intelligence — the ThinQ AI — in which there are requests which can amplify the user’s communication with the TV, as well as allow control of compatible devices.

    An advantage of this assistant is that it can be controlled by mobile phone with the LG TV Plus application, which can be installed on Android or iOS devices. According to LG, Google Assistant can also be used in this app.


  • The LG OLED CX tested by Canaltech has screen of 54 inches, but the brand has alternatives with larger display, of 65 and 77 inches. The smart TV panel is OLED and has as its main feature the 4K compatible with up to 120 Hz.

    This high refresh rate allows the use of any compatible equipment to exploit this available quality without limitations. With the Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles, you can play some titles up to 122 fps.

    There is also the possibility to make the LG OLED CX be used as a computer monitor. However, to have the premium experience that it can deliver, it is necessary to have a video card that is adjustable for this configuration.

    Because it has the G-sync and FreeSync technologies, the TV has full compatibility with Nvidia and AMD GPUs. In this way, regardless of the brand, the user will have the opportunity to fully explore the quality of this TV.

    Another feature of the OLED screen is the way it works to deliver the realism seen in the images. When darker environments are highlighted, each LED goes out to deliver a more realistic black, as well as dimming in order to create different shades.

    The LG OLED CX has 4K resolution at 122 Hz (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    LG OLED CX has HDR technologies, HDR+ and Dolby Vision, and this allows the content displayed on television to have superior colorization. ThinQ AI also helps improve the image of movies, series and games to deliver the best visual experience to the user.

    The LG OLED CX surprises with its great image quality that delivers. Among TVs released on 483248, she is one of the best in sharpness and color balance.

    The sharpness of this TV is great, and LG offers several modes of image to enable adjustment according to what is on the screen, whether movies, news, sports or electronic games.

    The fact that it is OLED makes any smart TV more prone to burn -in — a defect that burns the TV’s pixels and makes it unusable in a few years — but LG has developed some methods to prevent this from happening with the OLED CX.

    The main thing is the economy in which images are flashing continuously — like a slide show — to prevent a long-term static photo from damaging the display.

    Another option is sleep mode, in which some animations serve to show that the TV remains on, and the user can choose between keeping it like that, watching some content again or turning it off.

    Sound system

    The LG OLED CX has two audio outputs, and each one has 10 W power. These speakers are able to deliver an extremely high quality sound in volume and tonality, enabling a positive sound experience.

    In quieter environments, the volume is at % it is enough to hear well what is being shown on television. The brand offers some audio modes that are very interesting, but the main highlight is the Ultra Surround, as it delivers stronger and more attractive bass.

    Even with these interesting characteristics, a negative point of this TV is that switching between modes — both picture and sound — makes the smart TV’s audio have some crackles that shouldn’t be present in the premium product.

  • The LG OLED CX has audio power of 20 W (Image: Ivo/Canaltech )

    Direct competitors

    As there are no options of other brands with OLED technology in Brazil, an interesting competitor of LG OLED CX is Samsung QLED 4K Q 67T. It brings interesting visual aspects and, even if it uses different technology from the LG model, it costs almost half the price.

    Samsung TV manages to deliver similarities in sound quality and has good clarity. Thus, choosing a cheaper alternative will not make the user lose much in the audiovisual experience.

    The latest model in the same line, the LG OLED C1, can also be considered a competitor of CX. Despite having the same features in technology and image quality, the latest model can be more interesting.

    That’s because the price is an average of R$ 500 to R$ 200 less — depending on the retailer — and brings a renewal in the remote control design, which does not it had been modified a long time ago. Therefore, when analyzing the competitiveness with the successor, CX is behind C1.


  • LG OLED CX is a good option for those who can and want to spend a little more than R$ 6 thousand to buy an OLED focused on trying out the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles, as it has compatible HDMI inputs and a 4K screen the 82 Hz will allow for more play immersive and fluid.

    The WebOS system provides a complete experience with fast and intuitive navigability, as well as the presence of several streaming applications available in the Brazilian market.

  • 483252 The LG OLED CX is a TV complete in design and quality of image (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    The presence of personal assistants Alexa and Google Assistant, as a complement to the ThinQ AI, gives more usability. s attractive to users interested in enjoying a user-friendly interface to create a connected home.

    Another CX highlight is the picture quality, as the OLED technology allows for superior visibility on this 4K TV. Brightness, sharpness and contrast make the LG OLED CX a great purchase option. Still, the OLED C1, its successor, is a better and more logical choice.

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