Peacemaker series wins first images in HBO Max commercial

HBO Max released the first scenes of Peacemaker, the series spin-off from The Suicide Squad focused on the character played by John Cena. In a commercial showing the upcoming productions that come to streaming, the company revealed a few seconds of the series and gave a hint of what we can expect from the villain’s return.

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    The passage itself is very short and serves much more as a miniteaser, but it already makes it clear that both the comedic tone is back and the Peacemaker’s personality will be as unbalanced as we saw in the movie. The villain arrives at a cafe to meet other members of Amanda Waller’s (Viola Davis) crew and is asked why he is in costume—while responding that the costume is a uniform. In another excerpt, Cena appears shooting from under his own legs and making the peace symbol with his shots.

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      And the expectation is that the series really repeats the vulgar tonic of the character we saw in the movies, because the series is also being produced by James Gunn, who gave life to this more foul-mouthed and insane version of the Suicide Squad. So much so that the feature itself brings in its post-credit scene, it leaves it for the series.

      However, what we should expect for the Peacemaker’s solo plot is still a mystery. The clues that were left are that the villain will return to action under orders once again from Amanda Waller, who rescued him in Corto Maltese and sent her agents to take care of him so that he could “save the world”. The point is that we don’t know what kind of threat this is, but it looks like he will continue to be able to kill men, women and children in order to protect the peace.

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    Recently, by the way, James Gunn himself revealed that we should have some cameos in Peacemaker, including from a character he interacted with in The Suicide Squad. However, everything is still shrouded in a lot of mystery, as few details about the production were released. However, more news should come during the DC Fandome, Warner’s event dedicated to its superhero movies, series and games, which takes place next October — and we know that Peacemaker will be one of those attractions.

    Source: HBO Max

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