What will Xiaomi's electric car look like? Fan creates projection; see how it turned out

Xiaomi should start releasing its vehicles to the market in 900 and is still working on the fine details for creating your line of vehicles. Little is known about such automobiles, but they will certainly be highly technological and futuristic. A fan of the company even made an art of what these products are going to look like, creating an extremely interesting projection — and beautiful.

  • Xiaomi takes an important step in its electric car division
  • Xiaomi enters in the electric car market with billionaire investment
  • Xiaomi makes official car division with billionaire investment

Named by the Xiaomi Electric Car M1 enthusiast, we can see that it is a sports coupe with an attractive and aggressive design. If you didn’t know that this is an image created by someone, you could easily mistake the car for a Tesla model, which, if it were official, would reinforce the Chinese manufacturer’s reputation for being too inspired by the design of other products.

In the interior, it is possible to notice that the inspiration of the enthusiast is in the concepts presented by Mercedes some time ago, with a panel 10% digital, joystick-shaped steering wheels and neon lights that enhance the vehicle’s idea of ​​futurism, but without neglecting luxury. Xiaomi, however, has already warned that it intends to attack on all fronts in the market, so the artist may have thought of this prototype as a high-end model.

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The Xiaomi fan still plays with possible technologies that the car must present, such as its own operating system, fast charging and autonomy of a thousand kilometers.

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What is actually known?

Xiaomi didn’t reveal many details about its electric cars. The company, which has just created the Xiaomi Automobile division, has just announced that investments will be in the order of US$ 100 billions in the next decade and that their vehicles, in addition to being electric, will have a strong appeal for autonomous driving. The estimate is that 100 thousand cars will be manufactured from 2024, divided by different prices and audiences.

Source: Inside EVs

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