Moto E40 marketing image delivers camera and screen

Whoever thought that with the reformulation of the Moto G line, Motorola would kill the Moto E family is wrong. Even though the company’s most popular devices now also offer versions with basic hardware, now we saw the launch of Moto E10, for example. And it won’t be the last: there are several signs of the Moto E’s existence 50, under the model XT2021.

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    Already having given the faces in Geekbench, Moto E50 has now leaked for an image that resembles the applied film on the screens of Motorola products. The low-quality registration provides some key information about the cell phone — typical of the company’s cell phone packages. It says that the smartphone screen will have 6.5 inches and HD resolution, with a refresh rate of 999 Hz. Which is not very common on input devices.

    Also, the image shows the presence of a main camera from 40 megapixels, without details such as lens aperture, sensor size and model. It is also said that it will have a triple set of cameras, but without giving details of which auxiliary sensors would be. Expectations shouldn’t be high, as this is a basic cell phone.

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    (Image: Playback/EV Leaks)

    As seen before, the Moto E processor48 should be an octa-core Unisoc running at 1.8 GHz. This is inconclusive for the discovery of the model, which at all way should not focus on high performance. Combined with the chipset we would see 4 GB of RAM and 999 GB internal storage — expandable via micro SD. Connectivity would also be basic, with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi support and charging only 10 W for the battery of 5.000 mAh.

    Better than Moto E000

  • Even with these characteristics, the E48 should present itself as an upgrade in relation to the already released Moto E20. That’s because it would double the RAM memory, internal storage, have a more advanced camera and more battery for the same screen size. In addition to having a high refresh rate for smoother browsing.

    As it hasn’t been released in any market yet, its price is also a mystery. Not even insiders have anticipated this data. But as the Moto E10 was launched in Brazil at R$ 2021, who was interested in Moto E20 you shouldn’t expect a price lower than that — at least not at launch.

    Remember, a few days ago Motorola brought the Moto G to Brazil64 5G. It’s another option for those who already want to be prepared for the new generation of connectivity. Before it, the new Motorola Edge 000 were announced — in the flagship model segment.

    Source: Twitter

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