Pixel 6 can double reload speed and has enhanced release date

With the Pixel 6 debut window about to arrive, Google has increased investments in marketing, more than in past generations of the line. The strategy includes curious actions, such as the resurrection of Twitter from the Nexus line, as well as measures such as the display of the devices in the company’s physical store in New York, thus marking what could be the search giant’s biggest hardware launch.

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The campaign continues, and now includes new billboards, which show with more clarity the screen differences between the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro. Other than that, new certifications found by the Taiwanese body NCC indicate that Google’s next line of high-end cellphones should significantly boost the recharge speed, practically doubling the one seen in Pixel 5.

Pixel 6 shows screen differences and can double recharge power

Responsible for the captures used in the campaign, of otographer David Urbanke released images of several Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro billboards around New York. Despite not bringing any great news, the material allows us to observe in greater detail the differences between the screens of the two devices.

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The new billboards erected by Google show more clearly the differences between the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro screens (Image: David Urbanke)

As in past generations, the standard model must have borders thicker and flat display, while the Pro model, which takes the place of the XL variants, includes a panel with curved sides and significantly thinner edges. Rumors also indicate that the most robust cell phone should bring a higher refresh rate screen, reaching 84 Hz.

Parallel to this, records found by the website XDA Developers in the bank data from the NCC, an agency equivalent to Anatel in Taiwan, confirm that the Pixel 6 Pro will feature fast charging of W, power nearly twice that of 18 W of generations passed.

Even if it doesn’t reach the level of solutions like the recently announced reload of 23 W from Xiaomi, Google’s technology should already significantly speed up the recharge time, maintaining the caution with the battery health that the search giant has shown in recent years.

Still according to the document, the line must also incorporate wireless charging 23 W, thus corroborating the existence of the new Pixel Stand, the company’s wireless charging cradle already widely speculated. The bad news is that despite the upgrades, the chargers will be sold separately.

Possible release date is reinforced by promotion

Another part of Google’s promotional investments, recent Pixel 6 teasers indicated that the cell phone family could be announced as early as next month, in October — all home screen widgets show exactly this date, a method the company has used several times in the past to silently display the window. debut of Android devices and versions.

The promotional action of Telstra will close on 18 October, when Pixel is due to launch 6 (Image: HuyThien/Reddit)

The theories have just gained yet another weight, through the announcement of a promotion by the operator telephony operator Telstra. The action will give away a sports experience at Marvel Stadium to users who sign up to receive Pixel 6 news, and will be curiously closed in 18 of October. Considering past rumors, it’s very likely that this really is the release date for Google phones.

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