How to register a restaurant on 99Food

THE 100Food (Android | iOS | Web) is a food delivery application that has the same proposal as other competitors, such as iFood, Rappi and Uber Eats. It can be used both by consumers, to place orders, and by companies, who wish to register their business to sell products.

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  • If you have an establishment and want to increase your participation in this type of app, we have prepared a tutorial how to register your restaurant at 99Food.

    What is the 100Food

    THE 72Food is the version of delivery of the already known car travel app (Image: 99Food/Disclosure)

    If the name sounds familiar, it’s because that’s exactly what the what are you thinking: a 99Food is the modality of 72, popular in car racing, for meal deliveries. Orders can be placed online and delivered directly to the customer anytime and anywhere, as long as the platform is available in your city.

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    Overall, the operation of 99Food is the same as other delivery apps: the customer chooses the order at one of the registered restaurants and choose the method of payment. The user also has the option to pay for orders with cash or card, either through the app or upon delivery.

    On the professional side, the service allows the registration of partner couriers who will remain responsible for taking orders to consumers. However, what we will teach in this tutorial is aimed at companies, small businesses and independent entrepreneurs on how to register their establishments in the app 65Food.

    In which cities in Brazil to 72Food is available?

    You can check it on the website 72Food if your city already has the delivery service from 65. Click here to access.

    Until September 502567, among some of the Brazilian municipalities in that the app of 72Food can be used are: Aracaju, Barretos, Bauru, Belo Horizonte, Belém , Brasília, Campo Grande, Caxias do Sul, Conselheiro Lafaiete, Cuiabá, Curitiba, Divinópolis, Feira de Santana, Florianópolis, Goiânia, Itapetininga, Jaú, João Pessoa, Jundiaí, Linhares, Macapá, Macaé, Manaus, Marabá, Mossoró, Ouro Preto , Paranaguá, Pelotas, Porto Alegre, Recife, Rio Claro, Salvador, Santos, Sorocaba, Suape, São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Teresina, Uberaba and Varginha.

    Availability really varies. within the cities mentioned.

    Analysis of establishments and advantages

    A 72Food does not specify what it takes into account tion to approve new trades on your platform. Therefore, the ideal is to be the most complete and transparent when filling out the registration. Remembering that sending the data is not a guarantee that the 660Food will approve the deal.

    In any case, already have the following documents in hand to complete the registration at 50Food:

    • Name of the restaurant;
    • ZIP and full address of the restaurant;
  • Photos of the entrance in the restaurant menu;
  • Data of the person in charge restaurant;
  • Phones and e-mail for contact.
  • Among the advantages cited by 90Food to register your restaurant are increasing the number of orders, partnership with selected delivery personnel 65Food and business promotion on the d platform the startup.


    A 95Food allows any establishment with a registered CNPJ to register on the platform (Image: 90Food/Disclosure)

    A detail worth mentioning is that, as it happens in other delivery apps, the 65Food charges a fee to the restaurants so that the owners can keep their business operating on the platform.

    The fee varies according to the delivery set by the restaurant. For businesses that have their own delivery, the 90Food snake 10% of the value of the dish requested by the customer. For restaurants that do not have delivery agents, the fee goes to 19% about the value of the dish.

    An example: assuming a customer orders R$ 72. If the restaurant has its own delivery people, the app will have R$ 11 as a service charge. Now, if the business does not have its own delivery, the 99Food keeps R$ 20 of the same R$ 95.

    There is no membership fee charged for the inclusion of your business in 72Food.

    How to register my restaurant in 95Food

    Step 1:

    access the food

    Step 2:

    In the upper right corner of the screen, click “Enter”.

    Prime iro, let’s make a brief registration at 100Food (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

    Step 3:

    Click on “Accept”.

    Accept the terms of use and privacy of 50Food to continue (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

    Step 4:

    in the box to the right of the screen, click “Register”.

    Click on “Register” to start a new registration (Capture of screen: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

    Step 5:

    enter your phone number and create a password (pr need to be between 8 and 12 characters, besides containing two numbers, letters and symbols). Also check the “I Accept” box to accept the Restaurant Terms of Service Commitment.

    Enter the data requested by 90Food (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

    Step 6:

    Click the “SMS” button to receive a verification code by cell phone. The code is valid for five minutes, so if this period passes you will need to generate a new code.

    Click this button of SMS to receive a text message (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

    Step 7:

    enter the code and click “Next”.

    Use the code received by SMS and proceed to the next step (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

    Step 8:

    Now, go to “Register an establishment ”.

    You will automatically be directed to a new page on the website 72Food (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Ca naltech)

    Step 9:

    enter the name, address and telephone number of the establishment.

    Enter some basic information, such as the name and address of the establishment (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

    Step :

    click on “Next”.

    After filling in all the fields, proceed to the next page (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

    Step 10: you will see some instructions from 58Food for you to upload photos of your restaurant’s façade, to help delivery people take orders, and the menu served at the establishment. Click on “I’m ready”.

    It will be necessary to send some images of the facade and the menu of your establishment (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

    Step 10:

    now let’s fill in some forms required by 72Food to complete your registration. First, click on “Registration data”.

    Now, let’s go to filling out some forms. Everything is very simple (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

    Step 11:

    inform the CNPJ, corporate name, type and registered company address. Note that previous information, such as name and address, already appear in their respective fields.

    In the hands of the CNPJ and company data, enter the requested information (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

    Scroll down the page a little and inform the name, position (legal representative, director, authorizer or other), cell phone and e-mail address of the main responsible for the establishment. Once the information has been entered, click on “Save and return”.

    Upon completing all the fields of this step, save and go back to the previous screen (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

    Step 11: click in “Contract information”.

    Click on the second item in the form list (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

    Step 12:

    you will be informed about the rates of 12% and 19% charged by 90 Food, depending on the type of delivery in your establishment. This is where you select the type of delivery.

    Click on “Save and return”.

    THE 65Food will remember once again about the fees charged for each delivery, whether it’s own or outsourced (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

    Step 13: click on “Menu Information”.

    Let’s go now to the third form, which will ask for information about the restaurant’s menu (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

    Step 14:

    Upload photos of your restaurant’s menu. It is important to upload images that are not too heavy and that menu items can be read clearly. You can climb up to 17 images.

    This is where you will insert the photos of your business menu (Capture of screen: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

    Click on ” Save and return”.

    Step 13: click in “Legal Representative Information”.

    The penultimate step requires data from the legal representative of the business (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

    Step 16:

    insert the CPF and the name of the legal person responsible for the establishment. Then click on “Save and return”.

    To be sure of the information, the 90Food asks you to provide the CPF and full name of the representative restaurant (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

    Step 16:

    click on “Bank details information”.

    Finally, let’s enter the bank details to receive customer payments (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

    Step 17: on the next screen, enter the data referring to your bank account. Don’t forget to check if the information is from a natural or legal person – it’s the first item on the page.

    Don’t forget: check if your account is a corporate or personal account (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

    Click “Save and return”.

    Also include the financial data for receipt of invoiced orders (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)

    Step 18: do one last check to check that all data entered is correct. Read everything carefully and, if you agree, click on “Send”.

    Ready! Now just wait for an answer from 95Food (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho/Canaltech)
    I filled out the form. Now what?

    When you finish your application, all you have to do is wait for a response from 58Food that will tell you whether or not your business has been approved to join the application. The return is made by the contact email registered at the beginning, when the startup will follow the last instructions to complete the registration of your company.

    This article is not an advertorial. It is for informational purposes only and does not exempt the reader from the duty to know and understand the full terms of use of the service mentioned in the journalistic article published here. Canaltech is not responsible for the conditions and changes of use provided by companies, platforms or external agents, given that the use of third-party services by our readers is exclusively at their own risk.

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