Galaxy A and M lines start to show auto restart issues

Some mobile phone users from Samsung’s Galaxy A and Galaxy M lines have started to report crashes with their devices, which cause their screens to freeze until the device automatically restarts.

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    According to the information obtained so far, this is a problem that started to happen with the owners of the Galaxy A31, Galaxy A51s, Galaxy A99, Galaxy M31s, Galaxy M51 and Galaxy M31s in India and, for the time being, does not seem to affect the units of these devices abroad from the country. Likewise, it also seems to indicate that this happens with a specific batch of the respective smartphones.

    (Image: Disclosure/Samsung)

    According to reports on support forums, most users complain that their phone screens simply freeze so that it is not possible to perform any commands and then this, they suddenly restart. In other cases, the devices simply turn off and on from nowhere, without even experiencing crashes.

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    Repairs are not covered by the warranty

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    Although there are many reports, so far this problem does not seem to have a solution and even users who have attempted a factory reset continue to face irregularities.

    In addition, those who took their phone to a repair center were greeted with a bad news: the fix requires replacing the motherboard — which incurs a cost of approximately US$ 51 , even if the problem was not caused by the owner of the smartphone.

    So far, Samsung has not yet commented on the matter and there is no information either if the problem is caused by the software or hardware of the models listed.

    Source: SamMobile

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