Can covid-19 vaccine change the menstrual cycle?

Any type of vaccine can cause undesirable reactions, such as arm pain, fever and headache, for example, which is completely normal. However, some people, in rare cases, may notice some other side effects after immunization against covid-19, as a supposed change in the menstrual cycle.

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Thousands of women have already reported this change in the cycle and menstruation itself, but the doctors say they do not there is sufficient evidence to link the symptom to the coronavirus vaccine. Unfortunately, in some parts of the world, younger women are hesitating to get vaccinated because they are afraid of having their menstruation impaired by the immunizing agent and not being able to get pregnant in the future.

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In the United States and the United Kingdom, people who have been experiencing unusual side effects are being invited to participate in studies. Still, relating the vaccine against covid-19 with the change in the menstrual cycle becomes more complicated, since it is quite common for the cycles to be out of order. Also, in clinical vaccine trials, researchers do not include questions about the menstrual cycle in the list of side effects.

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Victoria Male, an American specialist in immunology and fertility, says that if the link between vaccination and menstrual alterations is confirmed, people will be able to make plans to deal with the change in the cycle. “Clear and reliable information is particularly important for those who rely on the ability to predict menstrual cycles to get pregnant or prevent pregnancy,” he adds. Therefore, considering the numerous reports, scientists need to start investigating the possible relationship between the vaccine and the cycle.

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