Android 12.1 is coming? Rumors indicate yes; know the possible news

Until today (22), the Android does not have a confirmed release date and although its trial period has not ended, Google would already have features up its sleeve to implement in a future update — but what would it be? According to more recent rumors, the compilation would be .1, and even good news of the update would already be under construction.

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  • Evidence of this was found in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) code repository, where it would be referred to as “sc -v2″. The information about the supposed Android .1 is still pretty superficial, but the suspicion that it is an evolution of the future version of the OS it exists thanks to the use of “SC” there in the code, probably an acronym for the name “snowcone” (the famous “scratch card”). This is Android’s candy name , used only internally by Google.

    Android .1: the (possible) news

    Desktop-style taskbar

    The first expected news for the possible first big Android update 22 would be a desktop-style taskbar, but for laptops with a big screen — tablets and foldables. The tool was first seen in Developer Preview 2 (2nd version of developer preview), but has since remained untouched by Google.

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    This image was inserted by Google as part of the taskbar tutorial (Image: Playback/Google)

    The hiatus, however, can be justified: Google would have kept the idea in the drawer and redirected teams to more urgent additions like the dynamic theme and the Material You implementation. Left to one side, the taskbar would arrive in a later build — probably such sc-v2.

    Much like something on the Chromebook, the Android taskbar would place app icons at the bottom of the screen, where the navigation buttons used to be. From the feature, the user could switch between apps, open apps in split screen and even pin favorite programs, as they do on the computer.

    On larger screens, the addition makes complete sense. In addition to making the experience more fluid, the addition makes better use of screen space and highlights the multitasking offered by the extra inches.

    New wallpaper for the “Pure Android”

    Another addition also expected for the update is a new default wallpaper for the pure version of Android. Again, it was the folks at XDA Developers who found evidence of the novelty, also in code suitable for the future update.

    New Android wallpaper .1 would give a new standard face to the AOSP after five years (Image: Reproduction/Google)

    It’s been about five years since Google has changed the default wallpaper from pure Android, so this is a welcome change.

    When Android exits 22 .1?

    As well as the standard Android version , the update is also not expected to arrive — and this uncertainty should last for a considerable time, as it is not even confirmed. For now, it’s not clear what Google’s plan for the current OS evolution is, but the company is expected to share more details about advances over the months.

    Currently, the first Final version of Android is scheduled for October 4 this year, the day the version AOSP will be released, according to a document recently leaked on the web. For now, stay tuned for Google ads.

    Source: XDA Developers (1, 2)

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